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Chapter 1

Active Account

by: omgbye
Ok so I dont know if any of you remember but me and Icy (darkest_angel) used to have a shared account where we posted stories we both worked on. The account username was loveisworthless and the story we used to post was called Scream, Shout, and Drink Blood. But we deleted that story a while back and didn't use the account since...
So anyway, me and different friend of mine came up with this idea for a new story and since she's writing it with me, we'll be using that account again. SO ADD THE ACCOUNT IF YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO READ OUR STORIES!!! (I'll put the link to it at the bottom)

NOTE: We just came up with the new story idea a week or so ago so we won't be posting the first chapter any time soon. I'm only posting this to gather more people for that account since I have over 500 friends here and barely around 150 on that account....


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