The Hand of Fate (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)

The Hand of Fate (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)

I’m pretty sure about one out of forty-nine people actually read this, so allow me to just write whatever I want on the actual page.
For the extraordinary people who did read this, this is my version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, so if this gets a good enough reception, I shall continue with the other six books. This shall be a long project, cuz I'm not one of those people who updates everyday.
I must remind you that I am not J.K. Rowling. In case there was any confusion on that.

Chapter 1

The Nightmare of my Life Part Two

A/N: Hello, muchachos. This is my Harry Potter fan fiction about what would have happened had Harry Potter been sorted into the Slytherin House by the Sorting Hat. I really hope you guys like this and I aim for a ton of reads and comments! I really want a lot of people to get into this and send me ideas and even send in chapters, and I don’t have that many friends to send it to, so if you guys would really be awesome and spread this around and get into it. I hope for lots of ideas and inspiration! Thanks for reading this and…. Move your eyes down the page.
There you go.
I, Harry Potter, do solemnly believe that I am about to have a heart attack.
And if I die, I leave my new-found wealth to Ron, my new and only friend, and I put my owl under Hagrid’s care. I would also like to say, as my fin-
“Perks, Sally-Anne!” This call brought me back to my senses. They were already on the Ps, I thought, finding myself freaking out a little bit more than necessary under the circumstance. I mean, it wasn’t like we were going to be wrestling a troll, right? I shuddered, imagining the fairy tale trolls of my miserable childhood. We just had to try on a little old hat, and it would decide our friends, our classes, and our life. No big deal. Don’t sweat it. Instantly, nervous sweat trickled down my scarred forehead as I thought. I didn’t even know that much about the Houses. What if I got sorted into some awful House with a bunch of people like that Malfoy from the train? What if-
“Potter, Harry!” I didn’t move a muscle. Perhaps, there was some other Harry Potter that needed to go? Ron shoved me ahead violently and nodded for me to continue towards the hat and the severe Professor McGonagall standing next to it, looking like she had other things she would rather be doing.
“Harry Potter?”
“Do you think he’s the Harry Potter?”
“I do believe she said Potter!”
“Look! You can see his scar!”
“What a troubled child…”
The excited and a little bit apprehensive whispers of the first year students and the older students of Hogwarts greeted me and I shuffled in my robes towards the ratty old hat. I seated myself, and the hat was plopped atop my head. I could not see a thing, but as I waited for the cry that had signified the other student’s sorting, I heard an unexpected voice ringing clearly in the insides of his head.
“Hmm. Difficult. Very difficult. Plenty of courage, I see. Not a bad mind either. There’s talent, oh my goodness, yes- and a nice thirst to prove yourself, now that’s interesting…So where shall I put you?” the Hat mused.
What was the name of that House that he was sure that I didn’t want to be sorted into? Slytherin?
“Ah, yes! Slytherin! Indeed, now, that could work…It would certainly help you on your way to greatness. Perhaps…that is a good idea. I think-“ NOOOO! I thought, realizing just a tad too late what was happening. I didn’t personally have anything against Slytherin house, but everyone I trusted seemed against it, so…the cry of-
Ron’s face was dumbstruck in the distant candelabra light, as was that Hermione Granger’s and many of the professor’s. Nobody had thought that this would happen. Was Harry Potter following the Dark Lord’s footsteps- they were both orphans, they both shared similar wands, and now, they were both headed into Slytherin house….
The pale face of Draco Malfoy was vaguely illuminated as he stood with his fellow Slytherins to cheer. As the din of robed Slytherins crying, “WE GOT POTTER! WE GOT POTTER!” and a thunderous round of applause sounded, Malfoy slowly clapped, and he looked utterly flabbergasted at the recent development.
I was flabbergasted too.
Was my nightmare of a life part two beginning?

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