The Monster Disguised as Man

The Monster Disguised as Man

I had a dream and It was really intense but I thought it would make a good story, hope people enjoy.

Chapter 1

The Darks Tree.

The tree looked just as evil and gloomy as before. The warrior had failed. On such a beautiful lively island you would never suspect anything dark or evil to be lurking about watching your every move, getting ready to attack at any minute. Well it wasn’t really waiting to attack, it was more like waiting to tease, to scare you and let you know that you aren’t safe. The only sign of the evil was the tree. The tree by the edge of the island that was gray and dead, and huge. Like it was a shadow of the monster and the dark magic it has in its control.

People started crying. Mostly the family of the warrior that we had all hoped would end our imprisonment. Some were just crying because they had honestly believed Jonathon would be the one to end it all. I didn’t cry. I knew that he wouldn’t free us. But I had still gathered by the tree with all the others just to see if he had been the one to end it. Now all we know is that the one to set us free, isn’t Jonathon. We had no idea who the warrior is going to be but most people still had hope. For me, all hope was lost a long time ago. Ever since I was little and my mom told me the stories of the monster who looked like man and all the warriors they had sent out to end him was when I learned that there was no hope. Never would I dare say that though. To say there is no hope is to take away another’s hope, and some people need that hope more then I do.

I turned around and started walking toward where my mom told me the barrel was that she left out for me to get the water for dinner. Watching everyone’s crushed faces was too hard. I just wanted to go and find a way to comfort them all and tell them everything was going to be okay. But it wasn’t going to be okay. Some had just lost a brother, a son. While others had just learned that the monster was still out there, plotting and planning. They knew that their son could be the next to be sent out to fight and never come back, or that the monster might take a sudden interest in their daughters. Nobody was safe and there was no way to comfort some one when they know that.

“Couldn’t take the tortured faces?” I turned and looked at Tanner. He looked pretty miserable, like everybody else out there. His dark brown hair was a mess from him running his hands through it while his normally bright cheerful blue eyes looked gloomy as he looked down at his feet. His hands were shoved down in his pockets and seeing my best friend who is always the one to make me feel better look so sad killed me inside. What made me feel worse was forgetting that Jonathon was Tanners cousin, as soon as I learned that Jonathon had died I should have searched for Tanner.

At that moment I hated the tree. I knew it wasn’t the trees fault, all it did was let us know who was in control. But it should be big and beautiful right now! It should have showed us that the Monster was gone and Jonathon was coming back! I was never close to him but Tanner was and I would do anything to wipe that look of torture off his face. So I did the one thing I knew I could do, I gave him a hug. Tanner was stiff and awkward at first but slowly he relaxed a bit and put his arms around me, “I am so sorry, but there is nothing we can do abut it now.” I told him. I knew it wouldn’t be the best thing to say to comfort him but it was all I could think up.

“I know.” He let me go and turned to walk away but I grabbed his hand.

“You should come to the water with me. I need to fill the barrel for mom so that she can boil the eggs for her salad. I am sure she would understand if you wanted to come to dinner. Besides, she absolutely adores you! Its been a while since she has seen you so I bet she would be super excited if you visited!” I tried to sound cheerful and excited but I can tell by the look on his face that I wasn’t doing a very good job at convincing him.

Tanner ran his hand through his hair, messing it up even more, “Umm Aderes, was there a few nights ago.”

“Doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be excited to see you…” I knew I was losing the battle and losing it fast but I wanted to be near him so I know that he is going to be okay. I couldn’t just let him leave.

Tanner frowned and started backing away, “I really cant go to the water with you, I have things I have to do but I may stop by for dinner. Don’t tell your mom though, just in case I cant make it.”

Sighing, I looked down at the ground and started making shapes with my foot, “okay, and Tanner I really am sorry about Jonathon. But at least we know he is safe now. He is far away from the monster.”

He nodded once and turned around and walked off. It killed me to just let him walk off so miserable but I knew that I did do my best and I hoped that he would come to dinner tonight. It would help him to be around my mom, nobody can frown around her. Every where she goes, she walks with light.

With one last look at Tanner I turned and went to get the barrel. My mom told me she left it close to the shore of the North beach. It made me wonder why she didn’t just get the water herself while she was down there but I didn’t ask. The lady had a reason for everything, whether or not she is going to tell you her reasons is always the question. Most of the time she liked keeping it to herself, sometimes I think she finds it almost funny.

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