One Direction group story

I was thinking about starting a 1D group story, but I only need a couple of people.

Chapter 3


The 4 people that I picked can message me their answers to the questions.
This is what my character will be like.

Name: Holly Augur
Crush: Harry Styles
Personality: fun, crazy, kind, isn't afraid to speak her mind.
Extra: loves to shop, surf, and have a good time, always wanted to get married on the beach

Just fill that out with ur own characters stuff, and if u want to make a polyvore outfit or whatever, then just send the link with the answers.
I was thinking that the story could be about 5 girls who meet at a One Direction concert, and become best friends. And they go to another concert a year later and get meet and greet tickets for One Direction, and they like fall in love with them and stuff.
You can have any kind of relationship u want with them like, if u hate them at first and then fall in love or something, send that in the message too. Sorry that saying so much :)

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