Beauty And War(A Percy Jackson Love Story)

Lakia 'Lake' Brooks has never had it easy.She's always had to move,but her mother never explained why.Lake,like her mother,is a demi-god.Second generation and a combination with the potentional to become deadly.You see,her mother is a child of Aphrodite,and Lake's father?Well Lake's father is none other than Ares.Beauty and War.When Lake gets dropped off at CHB things take an interesting turn.

Chapter 1

The Camp for Crazies

"Sweetie.I promise..look,You'll understand later.I promise."My mom kept repeating as she drove down the country road.I still had no idea what she was talking about,except she kept mentioning a camp."You'll fit in here sweetheart."Fitting in was a touchy subject."So you're taking me to a crazy camp?"I snapped.She shook her head."Lakia,no,I'm not taking you to a crazy camp...its a camp for kids who are different,like you."

I slumped down in my seat.Different.
Yeah,That was me.The Different-Crazy chick who saw monsters everywhere.My mom pulled to a stop at the base of a hill and got out."Lakia."She said.I sighed and got out,dragging my feet as I grabbed my bag and followed her up the hill.Surprisinly my mom could move pretty fast in her heels.Quiet soon I was at the top.My mom smiled and gestured to the large blue farmhouse,sprawling strawberry fields and...cabins?Archery range?Pegasus?

"Welcome to Camp Half-Blood,Lake."


AN:Sorry for the short first chapter,I'll post another,longer one soon.


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