History of Women in the Olympics (My English Paper)

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Chapter 1

Rough Draft

Since Ancient Greece, women have watched the Olympics alongside the men. Sadly, women were not treated as they should in those days. They were not to participate in the Olympics, only unmarried maidens were allowed to watch the Olympics, which was probably due to the fact the men participating were not clothed. Now there were women who won the Olympics all those years ago, but they simply owned the chariots. They had no part in the actual racing at all. There is a legend that states that once a married woman attempted to sneak into the games with her son. She dressed as a trainer, but she later found out the trainers were to be naked as well. She was revealed yet spared, which is a rare case. Normally, in those situations, the wrong doer would be executed.

Times have changed quite a bit since then. Still, even though they are still looked down on in many countries, women have been able to participate in the games since the 1900 Paris games. They were not included in the first modern games in 1896 Athens games “as de Coubertin felt that their inclusion would be ‘impractical, uninteresting, unaesthetic, and incorrect.’" ~topendsports.com. Women were not revered as professionals. In fact, in 1928, women participated in track and field events for the first time, but at the end of the 800 meter race so many collapsed that the distance was banned from the Olympics until 1960.

After years and years of ridicule and disrespect, women are finally gaining the recognition they deserve from the male gender. In 1984, women were allowed to participate in three new events: Position rifle, air rifle, and sport pistol. In 1960 a women’s only sport was initiated. Softball was added to the Olympics. In 2000 females were finally able to compete in weight lifting. And in 2012, every single nation participating in the Olympics had at least one woman competing.

Women have come far in the Olympics. The Olympics may have even helped shape women’s freedom. Although some countries still have a ways to go in respect, God will continue to watch over every human being in this world, male or female. He loves everyone so much He sent his son to die for the people of the world. He cares about the women even if the world despises Him and his children. Women will continue to participate in the Olympics, and God will continue watching over the world, just as he watched over that woman who tried to sneak into the games in 170 A.D.


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