I'm in love with my best friend's enemy!(A Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy love story)

I'm in love with my best friend's enemy!(A Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy love story)

This is a Hermione Granger love story. you all probably know what Hermione Granger is like, so I'm not going to explain. It starts in their 4th year-Goblet of fire.

This doesn't follow a lot of the book but it does include the Triwizard Tornement and the Yule Ball. It's a lot different from the actually story, but I think (and hope)you'll like it. Enjoy! and PLEASE leave comments!

Chapter 2

In the Common Room Later that night

Draco's POV-
I sat on the couch and laid down. Parkinson sat down by my head.
"So, Draco, how was your summer?" I shrugged, thinking about Hermione.
"I went to the Quittach World cup with Mum and Dad."
"Oh, that must have been exciting."I rolled my eyes, typical Parkinson, trying to suduce me.
"Parkinson,go away. I want to be alone."
"Of course."She said as sweet as she could,"You take all the time you need."She went away to her giggleing group of girls. I sighed and wondered if I did the right thing on the train. I ran my hand through my hair as Crabbe and Goyle came and sat down in the other armchairs.
"So, what'd you all think of the new first years?"I asked not really paying attention.
"I don't know, what'd you think?"Crabbe grunted.
"They're fine. Can't wait to torture them."I smirked.
"What are you gonna do to the mud-blood Gringer?"
"It's Granger and I don't that she's worth my time this year. Dad'll be so mad at me if I don't get at least 4 O.W.L.'s this year."But in reality I don't wanna hurt her.
"But we love bugging Granger. I mean she's a mud-blood."I sat up and got up.
"You two idiots will NOT bug her this year, otherwise you will answer to me, cause if you to stupid idiots don't get three O.W.L.'s each, I can't garentee that you'll be protected anymore." I got out my wand and flicked it, making a vase explode on the fireplace mantle. I stormed up to my dormintory after glaring at them for a few seconds. I feel asleep and dreamed about Hermione.

~Hermione's POV~
I sat down in my favorite armchair. Harry and Ron plopped down in thiers too.
"So, what'd you think that the big surprise is?"Ron asked as soon as we were settled.
"I don't know, I mean it must be something big if even your dad and your brother's won't tell us."I said.
"I hope it's that someone famous comes and visits."Harry pretended to look offended.
"I'm not enough for you, Ron?"We all laughed.
"Your all right mate, just a Quittich player maybe."They then went into another one of their endless Quittach talks. I hummed to myself and watched the fire crakle along happily. I didn't notice them stop talking.
"Sooooooooooo, Hermione, what were you doing on the train today?"I turned to Ron.
"Well, I sat with you two. Duh."
"I mean before that.Duh."He said in a high voice that I guess was his imitation of me.
"That is my business."
"What ever, you know that you can tell us."
"Fine, what do you not want me to say?"
"That you were snogging a Slytherin."He smirked.
"Yeah, if you said that you were snoggiing Malfoy I'd puke right here."They laughed.
"Well, I'm not gonna tell you. You know why?"
"No." Ron said.
"Because you to are acting like pompus idiotic brats, that's why. Now, good night." I stormed up to my dormintory and changed into my pajamas.
I closed my curtaians and feel asleep with thoughts of Draco.

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