Avengers One shots!

I was really bored and I thought, Hey! There aren't any Avengers one-shots! Let's fix that!

Chapter 2

Iron Man

Smile, have fun, be nice, Charlotte Richens thought, patting down the red interview dress and moving a straight black lock of hair out of her golden eyes. She was on her way to a job interview at Stark Industries, applying as a secretary. You'll be fine, Lotte. You always are, she told herself as she walked towards the building, taking a deep breath as she opened the door.
Sitting and waiting, nervously tapping her feet like she did when she was younger, she waited for Mr. Stark to come to the interview, moving around in her chair. As soon as she checked the clock, Tony came into the room, followed by an angry Pepper Potts. "Anthony, we're done. Finished," she said angrily, storming out of the room.
"Umm...." Lotte started as Tony shook his head.
"You wanted the interview, huh?" he asked, looking her up and down, seeing her nod. "Alright, let's get started."
After an hour of talking and questions, Charlotte walked out of the room, feeling a bit confident in herself, receiving a callback number. "That's a good sign," she said, reaching her car, opening it and driving home, hearing a buzz from her phone. "Hello?" she answered.
"Miss Richens?" the voice of Tony Stark filled her ears.
"Yes, Mr. Stark."
"I was wondering if you would like to continue our interview later...."
"But I thought-"
"At 5, Thursday. Dress up." he hung up, as she tried to babble in the phone. She sighed.
3 days later, she was back on her way to Stark Tower, uneasy about the situation. She had dressed classier than her previous encounter with Tony, in a nice, deep red dress, her hair straight and flowing down her shoulders. As her car parked, Charlotte started to question this, shaking her head as she walked into the tower, greeted by Tony.
"Ah, Miss Richens!" he said, Charlotte raising her eyebrows surprised. "Follow me," Tony beckoned, holding his arm out. Taking it, he lead her down to a dining room, two place mats set out with dinner.
"Mr. Stark?"
"My treat," he said as he sat down at his seat. Still shifty, Charlotte sat down, raising an eyebrow.
"Is this a date, Mr. Stark?"
"Call it what you will, Miss Richens, but I'd prefer that you'd call me Tony." he said as he poured some wine into their glasses, silver platters taken off of their dishes, revealing two plates of chicken parmigana.
"So that's why you asked about preferences?" she smiled a bit, taking her glass and having a sip.
"Well, I couldn't let beauty that just walks into my office go to waste."
After their dinner together, the pair were conversing about random topics, from work to interests. Finally, Lotte realized it was almost 11. "Tony, I have to go. Thank you for a great night," she said as she kissed his cheek, not listening to protests as she left.

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