Zess & Tobi The Gray color

Back in the medieval time's. Black and white turns to gray so the two characters Zess is white, Tobi is the black.
The story starts when they meet up, they both never get along anyway will they ever find there goal?

Chapter 1

The meeting

by: kaito17
While Tobi was on his way to inter some village he got a bit lost, so he took a short cut across the forest, it was so quite since it's night time... he was walking then he tripped over something. Tobi fell and looked back and saw a body laying, there was a lot of blood but Tobi did not really care, so he went near it and turned it on his back to see if it was still alive, sound of someone breathing as he had a fever. Tobi did not know what to do leave him or take him along but the risk of being attacked by wild animals are high so took him along with him.
3 days later Tobi reached the village. He went and rented a place and let that person with him rest at it while he went out looking for the doctor that helped him once, well he brought the doctor back with him and made the doctor take a look at him.
Tobi: hey is he okay ?
Doctor: well he look's pretty bad here do you know did this happen?
Tobi: don't ask me I have no idea how this happened but most likely the injury on his leg is from a wild animal or something like that ^ ^
Doctor: I will never understand you how hard I try = ='; anyway I need to treat him fast or he may die so get over here and help out a bit !
The two of them were trying there best for hours, the doctor left and left a list of things that Tobi should do to help that person get better. It's been 2 days and Tobi did not sleep at all, he finally felt really sleepy and slowly fell asleep sitting next to that person. The stranger woke up slowly and look's around, does not know what is going on how did he get in here and who is this guy that is sleeping next to him, so he gets out of bed and noticed where is all of his clothes, looking all over for them but can't find them anywhere, he is getting really angry but he did not noticed the injury on his leg and that he could not feel it, he tries to move it then falls down and a really sharp pain hit him, bite his hand from trying not to make a sound. Tobi wakes up yawning and look's at him. He finally wake's up that took forever.
Tobi: your finally awake, you had me waiting all this time. Oh well, at least you're awake now and try not to move much with all those wounds and that broken leg of yours. sigh well anyway what is your name I don't know what to all you? I'm Tobi.
Zess: return my clothes I'm leaving now!!
Tobi: smiles nope I can't do that. you don't have any to start with, they are all in the trashZess: return it now!!
Tobi: will you use your head did you see what you look like now with all those cut's you think your clothes will not get damaged like that, if you really want to know what happened to them well I got rid of them long time ago so there is no way to find them anymore.
Zess: che~
Tobi: your name?
Zess: ......I'm Zess
Tobi: not a bad name smiles now let me help you get back to bed carried him back in bed..took his hand and put it on Zess's forehead to see if his fever went down ...takes a wet towel and put it on Zess's head your still got a fever I will be out to get some shopping done so I can cook something to help you get your health back. left and locked the door

While Tobi went out Zess felt better alone ... hearing noise Tobi arrives, inters all cheerfully in a great mood, start's making something "the only thing he knows how to make black poison soup". Zess had a really bad feeling while smelling something weird and hearing Tobi sing. Tobi is done from making that stuff, takes it to Zess and he will not eat that thing.
Tobi: you know how long it took me to make it plus the doctor said you had to eat something before you take the medicine pressing on his wounds
Zess: mass of pain!! yells I GET IT!! I GET IT!!

By the time Tobi made Zess ate it all his face color turned weird like he about to throw up, Tobi force him to eat the medicine, Zess was laying ready to die so young. Tobi just sat by smiling!!
Next chapter will be out soon!

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