My situation is a bit hard to explain... Please help me here.

Chapter 1

It's about a guy.

So this was the end of my first week of eighth grade, right? I'm happy I made it out alive, bro. All my classes are going crazy about not getting enough writing in the day, so we have to do these stupid little assignments. Annoying. And plus I am in a couple advanced classes but have no idea how I am in any of them. I am so stupid, it's not even funny. And I have the latest lunch, C lunch. I am annoyed with that for two reasons. One, I am starving by the time we get called. Two. There is this new kid that me and my friend Addy were trying to talk to, make him more comfortable, being the new kid and all. But he is so rude, I'm not joking. So I pointed out a guy I used to like last year and Addy and I made comments about how not cute he was now. He was really nice last year, though. Addy joked, "She goes for the uglies."
I was about to laugh and remind her about her own crush and how he wasn't cute either when the kid we sat with said, "Perfect for her."
Her meaning me. Addy and I sat there, not believing he said that to my face. I mean, I'm not the hottest girl alive but there are way worse people. I was offended, obviously. He said, "I'm joking, I'm joking."
I don't think he has a good sense of humor. Later in the conversation, we mentioned how we were in the highest advanced choir at the school. He asked what parts we were. I said soprano, Addy said alto. We both love to sing, Addy is awesome at it. Possibly better than me. So this next thing kind of stung.
"So you are good and you are bad."
He said I was good because I was a soprano and she was bad because she was an alto. We had no idea what to say about that one.
So that's my lunch. But here is the main issue here. There is this...guy. Cute, no hot. But ultra popular. I have seventh period with him, right? So on the second day of school, my moron science teacher had her projector hooked up to the lap top as she went over roll call. Each time she'd pass someone's name, last years pic would pop up. Mine was major embarrassing. She called my name and I hid my face with my hand. I didn't say here then she said it again. I told her to take it off the screen. When I looked up the cute guy was looking at me. I couldn't tell what that look meant. It confused me. The next day we had to sit at assigned desks or teams. He wasn't at my table, but on my team. Then the teacher said to get each person's number on our team so we can contact each other for help. I thought it was stupid, but I have his number and he has mine. Nothing interesting, we had everyone's. But then after school, he was like, "I'm gonna text you at midnight."
I told him it wasn't my cell and he kind of just walked away with his friend. It could have been a joke, but I am so confused because of what happened the next day. He would keep looking at me. So me and my friend were walking and I was bout to tell her about the guy I liked and what happened when she told me to shut up. I saw he was in front of us, well in ear shot. I was silently cussing my luck. I told my friend bye as I went to All State prep. When I got home she called me and started screaming. I figured it was about her crush so I asked was it about him. She was like, "Bro, it's about you. My crush's name here turned around when you left and started asking about you! But Brooke was talking and distracting me so I didn't hear what he had to say! But he asked about you!"

So now you must tell me what you think. Is it just a joke like I think it is or does he like me which is the unlikely possibility. Comment!


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