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Chapter 1

Story help wanted...

by: omgbye
Ok so I dont know how many of you read the thing i posted titled "My Stories" but it was sorta about how i wasn't posting any original stories on here cuz i didn't want anyone stealing me work.. but i also needed a few people to read my stuff for some writing tips and advise.
And that brings me to this: I need help with this original story I'm working on but I will NOT be posting it online. I need someone who I can email chapters to and get replies on how my writing is and how I can improve it to make it better, more interesting, etc. So if your interested in helping me out, send me a message and I'll give you my email. I only need one or two people for this that can honestly share their opinions on my work and not just rip off all my ideas, cuz i REALLY hate it when people do that. If your someone who doesn't respond normally or doesn't take stuff "seriously", you can just ignore this message. But if you ACTUALLY wanna help me, then just message me ^.^

btw, by saying people steal my ideas, im not talking about all you awesome people...i just meant that if i put it up here on quibblo, the internet, god knows what will happen to the chapters :P


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