As normal as things get (a sequel to my superhero story, read intro)

so i thought, meh i'll make a sequel because i can. please comment with what you think of it and if there is anything you'd like me to include or change
This is now the three heroes going to power school to control there powers and things are back to normal (or as normal as things can get, like the title) now Exalcier is gone. so enjoy

Chapter 1


'No way!' Scarlet folded her arms in protest. 'Miss Carter, you will be jailed is you don't pass thing course you understand that don't you'. 'Of course i understand, don't talk at me as if i'm stupid' She slammed her hands on the table, stood up and left the room. 'Scarlet?' The disapproving tone of Dylan filled her eyes and she just wanted to puch something, preferably a teacher. 'what,what,WHAT?' she yelled at Dylan, he stepped back a few paces before asking, 'What's wrong?' Scarlet lent against a wall and slid to the floor with her head in her hands. 'I just don't like the way they treat us' her voice was muffled by her hands but Dylan could still make out what she was saying. 'hahahahahahaha wheeee ooooof haha' Scarlet and Dylan both looked around, neither of them had made that noise, it sounded kind of deranged. A guy in a lab coat had a tight grip on another. He was wearing face paint that made it nearly impossible to make out what he really looked like and all along the corridor he was insanely laughing. 'Really?!' Scarlet yelled down the hall

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