The New Girl in Town

ENJOY!!! if u like comment and i might make anotherrrr

Chapter 1

First Day of School

by: Lilycakes
I didn't know what to expect as i pulled up in the parking. I already could tell that this was going to be a new experience once i parked my black camaro in between a hot pink lambo and a navy blue benz. As i stepped out of the car i saw all eyes on me. Before i walked in i looked myself over in the reflection of my own car. My denim skinnies and my sky blue tank top and converse seemed to look very flattering on me. As i walked through the doors i took a deep breath and went to the main office as fast as i could. Once i got there i walked up to the desk and said Hi, My name is Alexandria.....I'm new. The lady at the counter popped her gum and said That's nice...Mind taking a seat like the rest of the people in line? I looked shocked as she said that and rolled my eyes after i turned to take a seat in one of the uncomfortable office chairs. While i was waiting to be called a boy walked in through the office doors. I tried hard not to stare but the image infront of me was mezmorizing! There, standing a few feet away from me, was a tall boy with jet black hair and icy blue eyes. His left eye was covered by his hair and their was a small circle coming out and back into his lip on the bottom right side. He wore black jeans and red shirt with red converse that had writing all over it. He was by far the HOTTEST thing i have ever seen!! He cauht me looking at him and gave me a weird look which made me quickly turn away. I was so stunned by his looks that i didn't hear the mean gum chewer lady say Alexandria Snow....Alexandria?.....Miss Snow!!! I jumped at the last part and stood up and walked over to the desk and said Sorry. While the lady went to go get my schedule i turned around to look at the mystery guy one last time, but just as i did, he exited the office. I grabbed my schedule from the not so nice lady and walked out of the doors, ready to start my day.

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