iPod Shuffle Game (Repost)

Bored. This seemed interesting, so I figured, what the hell?

How was today? Lights -Ellie Goulding
So I had a freaking dance party.

What's in store for this weekend? Stole My Heart -One Direction
So some guy's gonna grind on me at a club and confess his feelings for me. Lovely.

What song describes my parents? My Love -Justin Timberlake feat. T.I.
Apparently my dad's still trying to get my mom to fall in love with him.

My grandparents? This Little Girl -Cady Groves
So my grandmother suspects that my grandfather is cheating on her? They're not even together anymore.....

How is my life going? Accidentally In Love -Counting Crows
Makes sense, kind of....

What do my friends really think of me? Drive By -Train
They think I'm going to meet back with an old friend and get back together with them?

Do people secretly lust after me? Turn Me On -Kevin Lyttle
I'm taking that as a yes.

What is my current theme song? Those Nights -Skillet
Alright. Works for me.

Will I get married? A Thousand Miles -Vanessa Carlton
Well, if I would walk a thousand miles for that dude, he better marry me.

What should I do with my love life? Rock Your Body -Justin Timberlake
I should dance on some random guy.

When I meet a boy/girl for the first time I say? Comatose -Skillet
That's a little straight-forward, don't you think?

Whan my parents are angry I say? Phuck You -Cee Lo Green

Will I ever get the carer I want? Rolling In the Deep -Go Radio
My love life has nothing to do with my career, thank you very much.

What do my colleagues think of me? The Kill -30 Seconds to Mars
They're all sick of me. Wonderful.

Do I believe in God? Faling Inside the Black -Skillet
Taking that as a.....yes?

How can I make myself happy? Let The Sparks Fly -Thousand Foot Krutch
See, I could never tell if that song was ment to be sexual or religious...

When I'm with my friends I say? I Believe I Can Fly -R. Kelly
Wow. Just wow.

How am I going to get ahead in life? Taken -One Direction
I should try and get with a guy who already has a girlfriend.

How is today going to be? You Found Me -The Fray
Doesn't sound too pleasant.

Will I have a happy life? Country Song -Seether
I'll fight a life-long battle with an ex.

What is my signature dancing song? I Wish -One Direction

What do I think my current theme song is? Haunted -Evanescence

What does everyone else think my current theme song is? Up All Night -One Direction (I have too much 1D on my iPhone)
I'd rather stay up all night and be alone, rather than being with someone else.

Where is Waldo hiding? Some Nights -Fun.
He's in the middle of war. Lovely.

How will I die? Rebirthing -Skillet
So I'll just come back to life. Why.

What does my best friend think of me? Crazy Train -Ozzy Osbourne
So freaking accurate.

Anyone crushing on me? Whisper -Evanescence
Don't know how that's suposed to make sense.

Where was I born? Animal I Have Become -Three Days Grace
Sounds like I was born in a zoo.

Where will I get married? Monster -Skillet
Can't make any sense out of that one.

The song that will be played at my wedding? Tourniquet -Evanescence
So it'll make it very clear that I'm suicidal.

What song reminds my crush of me? Savior -Skillet
Aw. That's sweeeeet.

Where would I most like to be right now? Move Your Feet -Junior Senior
I don't know about that one.

What makes me sad? Everything About You -One Direction
Yes. It makes me sad when a guy tells me everything he likes about me.

What do I think when life gets tough? Falling On -Finger Eleven
Well, I hope I would have someone like that be there for me.

What do my enemies think of me? Dead Man's Party -Oingo Boingo
What the hell is that supposed to mean.

The story of my life? What Makes You Beautiful -One Direction
That's what poeple say to me. I know I'm not beautiful.

How has my life been? Dirty Diana -Michael Jackson
I'm not even going to-no. Just no.

Will life get better for me? Awake And Alive -Skillet
That's an in-the-middle answer.

This is actually quite fun. You people should repost it and see what you get.

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