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Chapter 1

Part 1

Harry Potter
0 1980 [Y0] July 31: Harry James Potter born to Lily Evans Potter and James Potter.
1981 [Y1] July 31: first birthday.
October 31: near midnight - Voldemort attempts to kill Harry Potter after murdering his parents, but his spell rebounds. Voldemort loses most of his powers and almost his life.
November 1, late evening: Hagrid delivers baby Harry to Dumbledore, who is waiting in Privet Drive to leave the baby with the Dursleys.
1985 [Y5] June: Aunt Marge comes to Dudley's fifth birthday party. She whacks Harry around the shins to keep him from beating Dudley at musical statues.
1985 - 1990 [Y5-Y10] Harry attends primary school. He is laughed at because of his oversized, hand-me-down clothes and taped glasses, and ostracized because none of the other kids will brave Dudley's gang to befriend him. On one occasion he turns a teacher's wig blue. On another occasion he inexplicably finds himself on top of the school kitchens when he was being chased by Dudley's gang.
1988 [Y8] June: Aunt Marge comes to Dudley's birthday party, bringing a computerized robot for Dudley and a box of dog biscuits for Harry.
1990 [Y10] June: Aunt Marge comes to Dudley's 10th birthday party, bringing Ripper, her favorite bulldog. Harry accidentally steps on Ripper's tail and the dog "trees" him. Marge finally calls the dog off around midnight.
July 31: for his tenth birthday, Harry is given a coat hanger and a pair of Uncle Vernon's old socks.
1 1991-92
June: Harry unexpectedly finds himself coming along on Dudley's birthday outing to the zoo, where he accidentally releases a boa constrictor - he is locked in his cupboard until the summer holidays have begun.
July 24-30: letters begin arriving via owl post to invite Harry to Hogwarts.
July 31, just after midnight: Hagrid rescues Harry from the Dursleys and from the Hut on the Rock.
July 31: visits Diagon Alley with Hagrid to buy his supplies, meets Draco Malfoy in Madam Malkin's shop.
September 1: meets Ron Weasley, the twins, Percy, Ginny, and Molly on Platform Nine and Three Quarters; meets Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom aboard the Hogwarts Express. Begins first year at Hogwarts, sorted into Gryffindor.
September 12: first flying lesson for Gryffindors and Slytherins; Harry finds out he's a natural at flying and is made the Gryffindor Seeker.
October 31: with Ron, fights a Mountain Troll and rescues Hermione. The three become friends.
December 25: Harry has the best Christmas of his life and receives his father's Invisibility Cloak for a gift. Harry discovers the Mirror of Erised and sees his family for the first time in his life.
May: Harry's first detention, served in the Forbidden Forest with Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, and Draco Malfoy.
first week of June: Harry, Hermione, and Ron follow Quirrell after the Stone, overcome the various protections, and defeat Quirrell/Voldemort's attempt to steal the Stone.
2 1992-93
July 31: Harry's twelfth birthday. Dobby the house-elf visits Harry Potter in Privet Drive; the Dursleys hold a dinner party for the Masons which is disrupted by a falling violet pudding.
early August: Ron, Fred, and George rescue Harry from the Dursleys in a flying car.
mid August: the Weasleys take Harry to Diagon Alley to buy school supplies for the coming year. Lockhart presents Harry with his complete works, which Harry promptly gives to Ginny.
September 1: Harry and his friends start their second year at Hogwarts.
October 31: 500th Deathday for Nearly Headless Nick (CS8).
October 31, evening: Harry hears a voice threatening death and follows it to discover Mrs. Norris, Petrified.
November: Gryffindor-Slytherin, in which Dobby's rogue Bludger breaks Harry's right arm at the elbow. Lockhart removes the bones of Harry's right arm in trying to repair them, and Harry spends the night in the hospital wing.
late November/early December: at the Dueling Club, Harry publicly speaks Parseltongue for the first time; Ron and Hermione explain the rarity of the ability to him later.
December 25: Harry, Ron, and Hermione take Polyjuice Potion (Harry takes the shape of Goyle).
February 14: Harry receives an anonymous singing Valentine, and in the subsequent uproar realizes how to work the diary of T.M. Riddle.
the spirit-form of Voldemort is defeated by Harry Potter in the Chamber of Secrets.
3 1993-94
July 31: Harry's thirteenth birthday. Harry first sees Sirius Black on Muggle television. Aunt Marge comes for a visit to the Dursleys.
August 7: On the last day of Aunt Marge's visit, Harry blows her up and runs away. Harry first encounters Sirius Black (in Animagus form). The Knight Bus picks Harry up in Magnolia Crescent and drops him off at the Leaky Cauldron.
August 7-30: Harry stays at the Leaky Cauldron and spends his days in Diagon Alley. Quality Quidditch Supplies displays the new Firebolt broomstick.
August 31: Harry meets Hermione and Ron in Diagon Alley. They are all staying at the Leaky Cauldron.
September 1: Harry and his friends begin their third year at Hogwarts, which is now surrounded by dementors. Harry suffers his first dementor-induced flashback of his parents' death.
November: Harry suffers a second, more severe flashback during Gryffindor - Hufflepuff; passing out, he falls 50 feet, to be saved just short of being killed by Dumbledore. His Nimbus 2000 is destroyed by the Whomping Willow.
December: Hogsmeade visit - Fred and George give the Marauder's Map to Harry as an early Christmas present. In the Three Broomsticks, Harry overhears the conversation between Flitwick, Fudge, Hagrid, McGonagall, and Madam Rosmerta revealing the crime for which Sirius was condemned to Azkaban: the betrayal of Harry's parents.
December 25: Harry receives his Firebolt as an anonymous Christmas present (from his godfather, Sirius Black, as it turns out). Harry and Ron become estranged from Hermione when she reports the gift to McGonagall, who confiscates it until it can be verified to be free from jinxes and hexes.
January, first week of term: Lupin begins tutoring Harry in the Patronus Charm outside class.
February: Harry notices Cho Chang, Ravenclaw's Seeker, for the first time during Gryffindor-Ravenclaw.
June 6: at sundown, Buckbeak is scheduled to be executed; Sirius Black is captured that evening and narrowly escapes suffering the Dementor's Kiss by riding to freeedom on Buckbeak.
4 1994-95
July 31: Harry's fourteenth birthday, for which he receives four birthday cakes, one each from Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, and Sirius.
Monday, August 22: Harry attends the Final of the 422nd World Quidditch Cup.
September 1: Harry and his friends start their fourth year at Hogwarts.
October 31: Goblet of Fire selects the champions for the Triwizard Tournament - Harry is chosen, and becomes estranged from Ron Weasley as a result.
Tuesday, November 24: First Task of the Triwizard Tournament. Harry and Ron reconcile afterward.
December 25: Yule Ball, 8 PM until midnight. Rita Skeeter, Ron Weasley, and Harry Potter overhear Hagrid talking about his half-giant ancestry to Madame Maxime. After the ball, Cedric advises Harry to take a bath with the golden egg clue.
February 24, 9:30 AM: Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament.
June 24, at dusk: Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament.
June 24: Voldemort kidnaps Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory. Cedric is killed by Wormtail using Voldemort's wand. Voldemort is restored to his body in an ancient ceremony. The Death Eaters are called back to him and they gather. Voldemort and Harry duel and Harry manages to escape with Cedric's body.
5 1995-96
July 31: Harry's fifteenth birthday. He later learns that his cousin Dudley beat up a 10-year-old neighbour, Mark Evans, this same day (OP1).
August 2: Harry picks a quarrel with Dudley, who retaliates, saying that Harry has been talking in his sleep during his nightmares. The quarrel ends when Harry and Dudley are attacked by dementors; Harry casts a Patronus Charm and saves Dudley from being kissed. Mrs. Figg reveals her identity to Harry. The Ministry expels Harry, then rescinds the expulsion under pressure from Dumbledore (OP1, OP2).
August 12: Harry's disciplinary hearing is held before the full court of the Wizengamot, where through Dumbledore's efforts and Mrs. Figg's testimony he is cleared (OP7).
September 1: Harry and his friends start their fifth year at Hogwarts.
September 2: Harry's first clash with Umbridge, who gives him nightly detention for the remainder of the week (Tuesday through Friday).
September 7: Harry encounters Cho Chang in the Owlery (he was sending a letter to Sirius, she a birthday present to her mother). Filch attempts to search Harry's outgoing mail but arrives too late to do so.
October: Hogsmeade visit - the meeting at the Hog's Head.
November: Gryffindor-Slytherin. Gryffindor wins the match, but Harry, Fred, and George are kicked off the team. Hagrid returns (OP19, OP20).
December, last D.A. meeting of the year: Harry and Cho Chang kiss under the mistletoe. Harry's dreams are later brutally shattered by his vision of Voldemort's snake attacking Arthur Weasley outside the Department of Mysteries. Dumbledore sends Harry and the Weasleys to Grimmauld Place.
25 December: Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione accidentally encounter Neville on the closed ward at St. Mungo's.
January: Harry begins Occlumency lessons with Snape.
February 14: Harry's first official date with Cho Chang, "a complete fiasco", and Rita Skeeter's interview for The Quibbler (OP25).
March: when The Quibbler interview is published, both Cho and Seamus reconcile with Harry.
March?: Marietta Edgecombe betrays the D.A. to Umbridge; Dumbledore takes the blame to shield Harry.
March/April (before Easter holidays): Harry and Cho Chang quarrel over Marietta Edgecombe's treachery, and Harry has his fateful final Occlumency lesson.
Easter holidays: Ginny Weasley persuades Harry to tell her what's bothering him, and arranges with the twins to help him communicate with Sirius.
June: Harry's O.W.L.s begin.
June, night of Harry's Astronomy practical O.W.L.: Harry witnesses the Ministry's attack on Hagrid and McGonagall's injuries.
June, final day of O.W.L.s.: Harry (who's been pulling all-nighters for days and didn't get much sleep after the Astronomy fiasco the previous night), falls asleep in the History of Magic exam and has a vision of Sirius being tortured in the Department of Mysteries. The Battle of the Department of Mysteries is fought later that night, and Sirius Black is killed before Harry's eyes.
June, morning after the battle: Dumbledore reveals the contents of Trelawney's first prediction to Harry (OP37).

6 1996-97

7 1997-98

e 2017 September: Harry's son Albus enters Hogwarts the same year as Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley (DH/e).
Exploring the Muggle World
"A Fair Deal for Wizards Who Deal Fair with Muggles."
-- Cornelius Fudge's campaign slogan (DP)
Muggles, as non-magical folk are called by wizards, are "not as stupid as we think," or so a report recently published in the Daily Prophet proclaimed (DP). Many witches and wizards find this concept hard to accept; Muggles are for the most part oblivious to the entire society of magical people which exists alongside their own.
Part of the reason for this is that Muggles simply don't believe that magic exists, which means they find non-magical reasons for the things that happen to them [1]. Another part of the reason is that the Ministry of Magic works very hard to keep the Muggles in the dark. When a Muggle sees a dragon, for example, the Ministry sends operatives called Obliviators to use Memory Charms to make the Muggle forget all about it. The Ministry hides some wizarding places with Muggle-Repelling charms; this is why Muggles don't see Hogwarts for what it is. Many witches and wizards look upon Muggles kindly, but some see Muggles as nothing but a nuisance. The Ministry enforces a Muggle Protection Act to ensure that all of the wizarding world stays securely hidden from Muggle eyes. To most witches and wizards, Muggle society is essentially unknown. When they try to act like Muggles, the results can be humorous indeed. Hogwarts offers a class called Muggle Studies where students learn about the ways that Muggles live and how they survive without magic.
The Ministry of Magic

"The Ministry of Magic wishes you a pleasant day..."
-- the Welcome Witch's voice at Ministry Headquarters

The Ministry of Magic is the governmental authority for the Wizarding world in Britain. The basic mission of the Ministry is to keep the Muggles from finding out about an entire culture of magical folk. It's a huge, complicated, and inefficient bureaucracy, just like most governmental organizations.
The Ministry consists of seven departments of which the Department of Magical Law Enforcement is the largest. All of the other departments are in some way answerable to it, with the possible exception of the Department of Mysteries (FB).
The Ministry has its headquarters in London (PA11, OP7, DH12, 13 ). It consists of numerous Departments, Committees, Boards, and Offices whose job it is to make and enforce laws and regulations. Besides keeping the activities of Witches and Wizards hidden from the Muggles (and swooping in with Memory Charms when things get out of hand), the Ministry also handles commerce and international relations.
There are a number of law enforcement agencies within the Ministry. They maintain order, enforce laws and regulations, deal with breaches of security, and operate Azkaban, the wizard prison. This high-security fortress is located on a tiny island far out to sea. It is guarded by Dementors (PA5). The Ministry also maintains squads of Hit-Wizards to deal with criminals and elite Aurors to track down Dark wizards. The Wizengamot is the High Wizard Court, a body which serves as the ultimate arbiter of justice for the wizarding world.
The Muggle Prime Minister is aware of the wizarding world (HBP1) . Presumably this is also true of the President of the United States and of other world leaders. Both when Sirius Black (July 1993) (PA2) and when ten top Death Eaters (1996) (OP25) escaped fromAzkaban, Cornelius Fudge informed the Prime Minister the escapees were dangerous wizards because he posed a threat to Muggles as well as magic folk. In extreme cases where a magical creature has been seen by Muggles and the usual interventions won't suffice, the Office of Misinformation (part of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures) works with the Muggle Prime Minister to concoct a believable lie to give to the public (FB, c.f. HBP1 ).
Links to further information:
Minister for Magic
Ministry Headquarters, London
Departments, committees, etc.
Rules and Regulations
History of the Ministry of Magic
International Wizardry
Other organizations
Portkey search for references to the Ministry of Magic
International Wizardry
Other countries have similar governing bodies; Bulgaria, for example, has its own Ministry of Magic, the Minister of which, Mr. Oblansk, sat in the Top Box to watch the World Cup Final in 1994 (GF8). There is also a Ministry of Magic in Norway (QA3) and other countries. All of these governmental organizations have signed the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy of 1692 which set down many requirements for individual countries to keep the Muggles unaware of the wizarding world. This requires the Ministries of each country to monitor activities such as Quidditch and to protect and hide the various magical beasts which live within their borders (FB, QA).
 International Confederation of Wizards (PS4, GF17)
 International Federation of Warlocks (PA3)
 Ministries of Magic:
• Andorran (GF28)
• Burkina Faso (FB)
• Bulgarian (GF8)
• German (FB)
• New Zealand (QA8)
• Norwegian (QA3)
 a subcommittee of Sardinian sorcerers (CS9)
 Transylvanians are to sign the International Ban on Duelling (GF23)
"It's hard to stop Muggles from noticing us if we're keeping dragons in the back garden - anyway, you can't tame dragons, it's dangerous."
-- Ron Weasley (PS14)
"You can't domesticate a dragon whatever Hagrid thinks. That's simply impossible."
-- J.K. Rowling (RC)
On this page: Related information:
 Breeds of Dragons
 Useful materials from dragons
 Other facts about dragons
 Dragon Reservations
 Books by Topic - Dragons
 map: Dragons of the World
 Dragon Pox
 Ridgebit, Harvey
 Weasley, Charlie
Dragons, winged fire-breathing lizards the size of a city bus, are the one of the most amazing magical creatures in the world. Dragons are terrifying and awe-inspiring as they take wing and breathe fire. Muggles remember them only as beasts from mythology, which is a credit to the ongoing efforts of the Ministries of Magic in many countries who work tirelessly to keep these huge beasts hidden.
Typically, dragons are found in mountain habitats (FB), although there are exceptions.
Wizards who work with them are called dragon keepers (Charlie Weasley is a dragon keeper in Romania). Gringotts Bank employs dragon feeders to tend to their resident dragons. It's a dangerous job, apparently, since the advert requires that applicants give next of kin (DP2). Those who study dragons are called Dragonologists (JKR).
Breeds of Dragons
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them lists ten breeds of dragons in the world, but several more appear in other sources:
Antipodean Opaleye
native to: New Zealand (and Australia)
habitat: valleys
appearance: iridescent, pearly scales
size: medium
eyes: glittering, multicolored, with no pupils
flame: vivid red
food: sheep
eggs: pale grey
Catalonian Fireball Dragon
native to: Catalonia, a region in the north-eastern tip of Spain
Though not mentioned in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a sketch of the Catalonian Fireball can be found in the pages of Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit, shown on Ms. Rowling’s website (JKR). Given the similarity in names and the early canonicity of the source, this dragon may have been renamed the Chinese Fireball during the course of writing the fourth book.
Chinese Fireball (Liondragon)
native to: China
habitat: mountains (?)
appearance: scarlet with a fringe of golden spikes around its face
eyes: protruding
flame: mushroom-shaped
food: pigs, humans
eggs: vivid crimson speckled with gold
Common Welsh Green
native to: Wales
habitat: nests in higher mountains
appearance: green
flame: narrow jets
food: sheep
eggs: earthy brown speckled with green
Hebridean Black
native to: Hebrides Islands
appearance: dark, rough scales, ridges along back, tail is spiked
length: up to 30 feet
eyes: bright purple
food: deer
Hungarian Horntail
native to: Hungary
appearance: black scales, bronze horns, spiked tail
eyes: yellow, vertical pupils
roar: yowling, screeching scream (GF19)
flame: up to fifty feet
food: goats, sheep, humans
eggs: cement-colored with very hard shells
Norwegian Ridgeback
native to: Norway
habitat: mountains
appearance: black scales, bronze horns, black ridges on its back
fangs: venomous (PS14)
food: any large mammals, including water animals
eggs: black
Norway's topography consists largely of mountains, so it seems a fair deduction that the Ridgeback lives in the mountains of northern Norway, away from the majority of the Muggle inhabitants, who mostly live in the southern coastlands and valleys (Columbia).
Peruvian Vipertooth
native to: Peru
habitat: mountains (?), probably eastern Peru
appearance: smooth, copper-colored, short horns
fangs: venomous
size: small (15 feet)
food: goats, cows, especially humans
The habitat of the Peruvian Vipertooth is not discussed at length in (FB), so this is generally a matter of deduction. Since dragons in general prefer mountainous regions and (FB) ordinarily goes out of its way to note those species that have other preferences, it is reasonable to suppose that the Vipertooth prefers mountains. Given that the Vipertooth is native to Peru and that the wizarding world has successfully concealed its existence from Muggles, in fact, the only other reasonable possibilities for the Vipertooth's native habitat are the western desert, the central mountainous region, and the eastern rainforests. The desert seems unlikely, since it runs along the seacoast and is a relatively small region. The central mountains are a possibility, but the eastern mountains and rainforests have relatively few Muggle inhabitants and are difficult for Muggles to reach (Columbia), so eastern/northeastern Peru seems like the Vipertooth's most likely location.
Portuguese Long Snout
native to: the north of Portugal, around Geres
habitat: rocky summits and valleys
appearance: scales of light green and black eyes
A breed of dragon which appears in Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit (JKR).
Romanian Longhorn
native to: Romania (possibly the province of Transylvania in particular)
habitat: mountains (?)
appearance: dark green scales, long glittering golden horn
Swedish Short-Snout
native to: Sweden
habitat: wild, uninhabited mountain areas
appearance: silvery-blue
flame: brilliant blue
Since the Short-Snout prefers uninhabited mountain areas, this tells us that it specifically inhabits the mountains of northern Sweden; although this region takes up perhaps 2/3 of the country, most of the Muggle population lives in the remaining third, the southern lowlands (Columbia). Northwestern Sweden is of particular interest, since the western border of Sweden is Norway's eastern border, and Norway also supports a dragon species.
Ukrainian Ironbelly
native to: Ukraine (possibly the Transcarpathian Region that borders Romania and Hungary)
habitat: mountains (?) - possibly Northern Carpathians
appearance: metallic grey, long talons
size: largest breed of dragon, up to six tons
eyes: deep red
The Transcarpathian Region of the southwestern Ukraine seems a likely candidate for the primary habitat of the Ironbelly for various reasons. It borders Hungary and Romania, both of which support dragon species of their own, so the region where the three countries touch is worthy of consideration as a dragon habitat for that reason alone. Since the Black Sea borders the Ukraine to the south, and (FB) particularly mentions that Ironbellies have been known to hunt in that area, this region is again indicated.
The Northern Carpathian Mountains running through the Transcarpathian Region of the Ukraine continue into the Southern Carpathians, also known as the Transylvanian Alps. In addition to being a mountainous area, and thus a common sort of dragon habitat, the Carpathians are sparsely inhabited by Muggles (Columbia), which would help explain how the wizarding world has managed to hush up the existence of the Ironbelly, given that much of the rest of the Ukraine is very thoroughly in use by Muggles as farmland.
Useful materials from dragons:
An inflated dragon's bladder was used in the ancient game of Stichstock. (QA2)
There are twelve uses for dragons' blood, as discovered by Albus Dumbledore (PS6), and taught to first-year students (PS14). The twelfth use is oven cleaner (SFC).
Dragon dung is sold by the barrel in Knockturn Alley (CS4). This may be related to its use as compost in Herbology.
Great for sending to Percy Weasley at the Ministry of Magic as, uh, an example of fertilizer. Yeah, that's it (GF5).
Dragon eggs are defined as Class A Non-Tradeable Goods (FB). However, Chinese Fireball eggshells are highly prized as potion ingredients.
Hagrid acquired a Norwegian Ridgeback egg from someone in a pub and hatched it in his hut. His wooden hut.
Heartstring is used in wands as a magical core substance (GF18).
Dragon hide is used to make clothing, often where Muggles would use leather, and particularly where the clothing is intended to double as protective gear. Dragon hide is in use to make boots (GF5), gloves (PS5), jackets (OP38, HBP30), and shields (FB). Swedish Short-Snout skin is particularly sought-after (FB).
horn (powdered)
Romanian Longhorn horns are a Class B Tradeable material (FB).
16 sickles an ounce in Diagon Alley. (original editions of PS 5 say 17 sickles, corrected 2004 to 16 sickles).
Other facts about Dragons

Dragon breeding was outlawed by the Warlocks' Convention of 1709 (PS14).
Fiendfyre creates dragons made of magical fire (DH31).

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