The Search for Lightning

This is in the world of Percy Jackson and I am writing this for a contest about Greek Myth Stories so tell me what you think please. Also, the setting is a month after The Last Olympian ends.
Name- Esmeralda (Ez) Walsh
Age- 16
Godly Parent- Zeus
Appearance- Black curly hair, stormy grey eyes, scar on right arm that she tries to hide

Chapter 1

It Was A Fake All Along...

Demigods dream about strange stuff. Why am I bringing this up? Because of my dream I happened to have on the same day I found out that gods act more like children than adults. Especially when they fight.

In my dream world, I was watching two men in different colored togas fight to the death. One of them had graying black hair and wore a white toga; the other wore a blue toga and had black hair. They were wrestling on the ground in a large room. They looked murderous and I didn't like that.

One of them (I think the one wearing blue) shouted "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" The other yelled back angrily "MAKE ME!"



I wondered who in the name of Hades they were talking about when the golden doors to the room opened and a group of tall people I recognized as the twelve Olympians entered. One of them, a woman with grey eyes like mine, shouted "Father! Stop this!"

The man wearing the blue toga yelled, looking furious "No! He accusd me of something I didn't do!"

A man with a caduceus sighed and said to the non-fighting Olympians "We have to stop this. They're going to cause destruction in the sky and on the sea. Already three helicopters have crashed in Maine, not to mention that six boats were sunk at the coast of North Carolina."

The grey-eyed woman, who I now realized was Athena, nodded in agreement. "Yes, brother. We must find the one responsible for this mess."

And that happened to be when I awoke.

I was worried about my dream, wondering what those two gods are fighting over and why it was such a big deal. I wasn't sure if I should tell Chiron, since I was already at camp and he knew best. Did he already know, though? He usually heard about news at Mount Olympus before the campers.

I walked to the arena and tapped my diamond key chain I wore on the belt loop of my jeans as usual. The key chain morphed into a double-edged Celestial Bronze sword with an opal at the hilt. The sword was a gift from my cousin, Hermes. He was the nicest to me out of all the Olympians.

I began hacking away at some of the straw dummies, letting out my feelings about my horrible past, which I tried to never ever talk about. It had been all my fault that day. I should've done something to stop all the events from happening. But I hadn't. I sliced off the head of a dummy and stabbed it in the chest repeatedly.

"What did that dummy ever do to you, Ez?" I jumped and whirled around. It was only Percy so I relaxed. I didn't answer him; I just went and reattached the head of the straw dummy before attacking it again furiously.

"Are you mad at me again? Look, I'm sorry for the whole pranking incident..." He scratched the back of his neck nervously and I turned around, pausing my battle with the dummy. "I'm not mad at you, Perce. I'm mad, the thing."

I turned back around, not wanting to elaborate. He was one of the few others who knew of what had happened that day. He should know why I was still angry and hurt one month later.

Percy was silent for a few minutes before saying "Oh... That thing. Look, Ez, I've already told you; It wasn't your fault."

"Yes, it was!" I stopped fighting again and turned around angrily. "If I handy tried to stop him... If I had thought about what could happen..." Tears formed in my eyes and I just shook my head, unable to finish my sentence.

Before Percy could argue, there was a flash of lightning inside the arena and Percy got out Riptide while I readied my sword. A man with golden hair and a blinding white grin stood in the place of the weird lightning strike. Percy frowned but lowered his sword.

"Apollo? What are-?" Apollo cut him off by saying "Percy, Ez, look, there's something I need to talk to you about. It's about... Luke."

My eyes, still filled with tears, fought to hold back the oncoming crying session that was bound to happen. My hands shook. I hated hearing that name now, much less thinking of it.

See, before Luke Castellan, the true hero of the Second Titan War, became evil, I had had a crush on him. A big crush. And when he had turned bad... Well, that had only made my crush even worse. Last summer (not the one this year) was when I had gone on a quest with Tyson, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover to go into the Labyrinth, and that was also the time when Luke had admitted to me, after traveling to my home in California, that he loved me. When he had died by sacrificing himself in the final battle with Kronos... Let's just say I was heartbroken.

"What about him?" Percy demanded, trying to help me. Apollo said nervously "Well, erm, you know when he stole my father's master bolt? It turns out that... It was a fake."

This news hit me hard in the gut. I stammered, finally finding my voice "Wh-What? But... What do you mean?"

Apollo looked even more nervous. "Well, yesterday, Zeus went to go and use his master bolt. And he tried to use it and it didn't work. He found a tiny panel in the back of it that was where some large batteries were kept. He asked everyone about it and remembered how it was Percy who brought back the master bolt, right? So now... Zeus blame Percy and wants to kill him."

"What?!" Percy looked furious. I recalled my dream and said "I bet Poseidon wasn't too happy about that." Apollo shook his head. "Yeah, Poseidon kept telling him that it wasn't Percy and now they're both fighting a ton. Zeus has declared war on Camp Halfblood and said he will only call it off if Percy returns the master bolt for real this time. If he doesn't, Zeus will curse him-" "Oh, that's nice." Percy murmured. "-and he'll kill everyone he loves. If he returns it, Zeus said he will spare Percy's life." Apollo finished.

Percy and I exchanged nervous looks. We had no clue where the master bolt was. I asked nervously "Uh, is there a deadline or something?" Apollo looked hesitant and I didn't like that. This couldn't be good. "Erm, yes. It's supposed to be by next Friday." The sun god admitted.

Percy swore loudly in Ancient Greek and muttered "This sucks." Next Friday was in four days. There was absolutely no way he would be able to find the master bolt by then.

Apollo sighed and said "I'm sorry. That's your best option though. We can't calm Zeus or Poseidon down. They're going to start wars and blood will be shed if you don't find the bolt, Percy. Good luck."

Apollo began to glow so we averted out eyes while the god assumed his true form. When he was gone, Percy gave me a helpless look.

"I'm so screwed, Ez."

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