Cato And Clove-The Ultimate Games

Cato And Clove-The Ultimate Games

This is Cato and Clove in the arena with a new version.

Chapter 1

My Name Is The Girl With Knives-Clove's POV

I look closely.
Is that a knife box?
Oh forget it.
I'm gonna die anyways.
Glimmer's already giving me that look.
But I know she wont get him.
20 seconds.
What am I going to do.
Cato appears on the whole other side of the circle.
He nods his head.
The BOOM! takes place.
I grab the box of knives.
I hit District 9 boy.
I aim for Katniss.
But a cry takes my eyes away.
For once,I feel mad at Cato.
In front of the horn lays a cute little 12 year old boy.
"Please.....don't leave me",He spits.
"I won't",I reply.
"I'm Axel",He spit out again.
"Here.....Take this",He says.
He hands me a necklace with a knife symbol on it.
I help the bloody boy up.
"Please,Come with us....Cato won't kill you.....",I say.
Axel smiles.
"Realy",He says.
"Yes,realy",I say.
I spin around.
Kiara from 9 has her knife in his direction.
I kick her onto the plate.
Blood explodes.
Then I turn.
Sam from 5 is dragging Axel onto the horn.
I grab her.
Then Axel grabs me.
He clings onto my arm.
Sam falls over in his cannon boom.
"What weapon,Axel?",I ask.
He points at an axe.
Cato pushes me as I hand him the axe.
"I'm saving a kid!",I reply.
He grins.
"Fine......I'll accept him...we need an axer",He says.
We head into the forest with Peeta on us.

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