Daughter... Who?? ~A Doctor Who FanFic group story!!!~ FINALLY! XD

Umm by

Sky (WOO!)

Chapter 1

Character-y Characters:


Name: Molly

Age: 15 (If it doesn't have to be normal then: 17 :D)

Hair: Long, Reddish-Brown, Wavy

Eyes: Greeeen

Personality: Quirky, Stubborn, Clever, Hotheaded, Impulsive, Friendly,

3 Words to describe: Outgoing, Loud, Brave.

How they meet "The Daughter": ?? I'm not sure, what do you think? :D

Family: Dad travels the world for his business, Mother not in the picture, Lives with her Aunt.

Friends: Lucas Gladmire (He's in a DW Fanfic [of sorts] that I'm writing! As is Molly)


Name: Lucas

Age: 15/17

Hair: Chocolate brown.

Eyes: Hazely/Greeny

Personality: Kind, Funny, Caring, a bit Dorky, Sweet but tough. :D

3 Words to describe: Cute, Kind, Clueless

How they meet "The Daughter": Probably though Molly.

Family: His parents and an older brother, (Zac)

Friends: Mollyy!

Other: He has a crush on her, jus' sayin' XD


Name: Jaden Monroe

Age: 72 ( But that is From a different planets Revolutions! ) (So tech...18 earth years!)

Hair: Electric Purple with Flecks of Green at the tips, a little bit past shoulder length

Personality: Witty, Strange humor, Mysterious, Detective smart. strong willed, Acts tough, but always takes time to care for people in need.

3 Words to Describe: Dangerous, Fast, Loyal

How she meets The Daughter: She works part time as an inter-galatic Bounty hunter for the Last family. The Last Family runs a large portion of the under the planet crime, She owes them Big time and the Capture of The Daughter would bring her out of her Debt. But once she catches her She realizes that she would not be able to hand her over, So together they a-avde the last family.

Family: Jaden is an Orphan but she has a younger Half brother that she takes care of when she can, he stays with a foster home on The Ship Titiana, But when ever she has extra credits she sends them to the home.

Friends: Jade has a few friends, One Barnabis O Claire, (Barry) has a small side business of Smuggling so anything she needs, he is sure to have it. Jeno Is her room mate on planet Datian, But she does most of her work solo. Una Is Jades only female friend who is one of the fastest pilots who don't work for the GP (Galatic Police)
Other: Jaden mostly called Jade Is of the planet Datian, Mostly humans but they have a large trade with many other races. If she is not hunting she smuggles with Barry

MortRainey AHHH DUH DUH DUH!!!

Name (only first plz): Lydia ("The Nurse")

Age (preferably normal): 18 (869)

Hair: blonde, goes a bit past her shoulders

Eyes: bright blue

Personality: brave, adventurous, bubbly, silly, fun-loving, loves to smile, optimistic, outgoing, loves fezzes and men who wear bowties, sometimes wears a stetson/fez, extremely intelligent/clever has a lot in common with The Doctor's current personality, usually pretends to be: serious, not always brave, quite, shy, not as smart/clever as she is Friends: All Time Lord friends are dead, has recently been living in London so she made a few friends there

Other: likes to travel a lot so her friends don't see her often (never passed her TARDIS flying test so she just buys plane tickets a lot and travels around the world), studying to become an astronaut, works as a waitress in a small café

here's a pic of her :) http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/28400000/-Elle-UK-outtakes-By-David-Slijper-dakota-fanning-28438443-616-923.jpg

also this is her work outfit: http://cristinahh.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/dakota-fanning-elle-uk-2012-photoshoot-5.jpg%3Fw%3D545


NAME: Hannah baker

Age: 16

Hair: Hony brown with neon blue highlights

eyes: Hazel blueish

Personality: Smart, silly, Gets Hostile if you take her book away, Easly upseted, Depresd at times, Loves pie, Hates it when people make fun of how tall she is.

How they meet "The Daughter:" - uhhhh so the dauther was her oms friend and the mom bumped into her some how and the daughter used Hanaha by saying she went to school with her and that she was probly just friends with her mom. Ok so then like Hanaha like tells them mom shell catch up and talks to her for a while. And they text. -wow liz your so creative-
Family: Mom dadd little sister
friends- none
other- she has tried to kill her self twise and used to cut and still ocanganly dose.
She had friends but then her BF did bad things - not quibblo apropret- so she died her hair blue and hacked it realy short now she just has blue hielights and read all the time she is realy smart but is failing school. Loves run

I'm nice, so I'm putting me last!!!

Name: -_- Seriously? Urgh. Fine. "The Daughter" >:I hehe...

Age: 300 (Her dad is like 900 I think . . .)

Hair: Dark brown, almost black but not quite. Thick and wavy, nearly halfway down her back.

Eyes: Dark hazel/brown

Personality: Witty, wild, sometimes acts like she isn't worried for the others' sakes, but really inside she's terrified. Can be protective, sometimes has trouble paying attention and can be caught staring off into the distance.

3 Words to describe: Crazy, Witty, alittlebitMAD ;)

How they meet "The Daughter:" Um . . . 'cause she is The Daughter! :O BIG SHOCK!!! XD

Family: "The Doctor" is her dad. the rest is completely unknown O.O

Friends: None really, until she meets the other four.

Other: People get really mad at her when she says she's "The Daughter" because they think it's some kind of joke. No one knows that she's The Doctor's daughter, except her. She and her dad are supposedly the last of the Time Lords, but those who know him think he's the only one. She has her own TARDIS but she barely knows how to use it. A lot of times when people who knew her dad meet her, she's used to them saying, "You remind me of someone I once knew, but I can't quit place who it was." She usually tries to get them off topic by saying, "Yep, I get that a lot. I just have one of those faces, you know?" And switching to a completely different subject.

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