Draco Malfoy- gotta love and hate him- part 9

Draco Malfoy- gotta love and hate him- part 9

The picture of this chapter is what Jadea's ball dress looks like but if you had a diffrent picture in mind by all mean ignore the one that's posted

Chapter 1

I hate you Draco Malfoy

Jadea's POV
"Come on out J" Harry said
"I look horrible"
"I highly doubt that." Hermione said
"Fine but if you laugh at me I'm going to hex you all." I said taking one last look in the mirror and walked out. Hermione, George, Fred, and Ron's mouths were hangin open.
"See I look stupid."
"No you don't, look you made those three speechless." Hermione said smilig hugely
"My sister is not buying this."
"Look what she did to them imagine all the other boys. Here how about this one?" Harry said picking up a dress that looked like something an old lady would wear.
"Ugh, no she's buying this one."
"I look terrible though."
"No you don't." George said and smiled. I guess I had no choice seeing how the yule ball was only two days away.
"Fine I guess this will do." I bought the dress and we headed back to school. It was dinner time, I took my seat across from Draco and Pansy, who was all over Draco, and smiled at them. I decide I wasn't going to let Draco ruin my life anymore.
"So Jadea did you find your yule ball dress yet?" Pansy asked. Since she started going out with Draco she's been exreamly nice to me, it's creepy.
"Yeah I found it today."
"That's good what does it look like?"
"It's a surprise." i sat there and listened to Pansy blabber on and on about her dress and how it enhanced her best features, like she has any, and I zoned out so many times I lost count.
Morning classes went by quickly today and I find myself bored so I wander the school, I bump into someone.
"Hello Jadea."
"Look I'm sorry about what I did to you and I feel so bad about it."
"I forgive you, Blaise"
"Really? I still really like you."
"Blaise I think we were meant to just be friends and I really can't do the whole break-up then get back together thing that's not who I am, sorry,"
"I understand. I'm still your friend though you know that right."
"Of course now how about we go to lunch now?"
"Sounds good." We walk into the great hall together and sit at our table. Draco and Pansy were staring at us. I looked at Blaise and we both shrugged and laughed. The owls started schreeching meaning that the mail's here.
Hedwig dropped a letter and package in front of me.
My wonderful goddaughter,
I was looking through stuff and decided that these were yours now, These were your mothers and she loved them. You better write me soon young lady or else I will be deeply sad.
Your loving godfather,
I smiled and put down the letter and opened up the package and saw the most beautiful pair of earrings and the matching necklace. I just stared at them in shock.
"Jadea wha did you get." Pansy asked I showed her and she gasped.
"They're beautiful." I nodded.
I put on the necklace and I was finished, I looked at myself in the mirror one last time and I smiled in satisfaction my long silky hair was in curls and my make-up brought out my green eyes. I walked down to the great hall and saw my date. His mouth hung open and he shook his head as if to clear it and walked over to me and held out his hand.
"You are beatuiful."
"Thank you," I said blushing and we walk inside. We all gather around the dance floor to see the champions dance. I watch my brother and he has no idea what to do. I hide my laughter and look around and I see Hermione with Victor Krum. Ron's not going to be happy about this, I can tell he's in love with her and her him. Other people join the dance floor and my date holds out his hand and I take it. We dance through the whole song and I'm having so much fun. The next song comes on and a girl asks my date to dace and I tell him to. I trun and a hand is held up to me its George and I take his hand and we dance. Then the rock music comes on and I decide it's time to get a drink.
"Jadea you look beautiful." I look towards where the voice came from and I see Draco standing there looking at me.
"Okay Draco what do you want?"
"Nothing I just wanted to say that." I glare at him then shrug and sit down with Blaise and his date a nice Ravenclaw girl.
"Draco's staring at you a lot." I roll my eyes,
"Oh well." I say and walk over to my date and he hugs me. Hermione is rushing out of the great hall. Somethings happening so I follow her out. I see Ron and Harry run up the stairs and Hermione sitting on the stairs crying, I sit down and put my arm around her.
"He spoiled everything, Why?"
"Because he's a guy and guys ruine everything." I say and she laughs. "Come on let's get you to bed." I say goodbye to my date and take Hermione to her common room.
"Thanks, J" She said and went inside. I walk into the Slytherin common room and Draco, Pansy, Blaise, Crabbe, and Goyle were sitting there. I sat next to Blaise and put my head on his shoulder. One by one everyone went to sleep and it was only me and Draco.
"You're going out with Blaise again?"
"No." I said and got up to go to sleep.
"Good." I heard Draco say.
"What?" I said turning around. He got up from the couch and walked over to me.
"I said good." He said standing so close to me. He leaned in and kissed me. We both heard a gasp and I turn to find Pansy there looking at us. Draco laughs and the feeling of hate fills me. Pansy walks over to me and pulls her hand back and tries to slap me but I duck. She pulls her hand back again and this time I caught her wrist
"Pansy, I'm giving you the chance to walk away." this time her hand slaps me hard. My head snaps to the side and Draco glares at Pansy. I look at Pansy and punch her right in the nose and she falls. "Don't ever touch me again got it." I say crouching over her, she wimpers and nods. Draco comes over to me and puts his hand on my chin and turns my face to the side. I push him away
"Whay did you do that?"
"This is all your fault." I said and he walks back towards me. "No stay away from me." I say and run up to my room.


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