Ok, after my return from Essex, I've decided to make a contest!

I love you all!

~Rue and Thresh~ :)

Chapter 1

Why do we have titles?

This is a Hunger Games story contest! (Yes Beth, they know.)

So, as you MIGHT know, there were 75 victors from the Hunger Games. 7 are still alive.

So I want YOU! (Yes, YOU!) To write about one of the dead victors and how you THINK they died!

It has to be one we know the name of, not a made up unnamed one. Ok?

There are 10 slots, and it is due September 10Th.

Make sure you title it well, and then say: For Beth's contest! Ok?

Good! I hope to see many contestants, as it's been a long time

The prizes are:

1st: 5 stars on 5 of your quizzes/stories AND a letter to Quibblo asking them that you are a featured member!

2nd: 5 stars on 3 of your quizzes/stories and I'll write a letter to Quibblo asking them to put one of your stories on the Homepage!

3rd: 5 stars on 1 of your quizzes/stories. You choose which one AND I will write a Hunger Games story about whatever you want!

AND, even if you DONT win, (The remaining 7) I will put you in the story! (An Extra or important, depending on where you come :))

Yeah... The prizes aren't GREAT....

Anyways, please enter and message me or comment if you're going to enter!
Good luck!!

~Beth~ :)

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