~Artificial~     (An original story in the form of a journal)

~Artificial~ (An original story in the form of a journal)

Well, guys, this sort-of-kinda-maybe idea has been haunting me for a while now... actually, it was like, two ideas... So, I was thinking: What if there was another species that arose from genetic abnormalities in humans? Like, kids born with tails, or complete hairlessness, or weird diseases? What if that species went into hiding for a hundred years, but then emerged again in 2020?
Well, I don't wanna run out of space... I'll explain more. Look down.

Chapter 1

More Explanations....

by: Alastor_
So, anyway. I had that idea... but I didn't really know what to do with it. Then I started reading Feed, this book by M.T. Anderson, and it's actually a really great book. It's about these teenagers who live in the future, and they have these things in their heads called feeds, like microchips or something that tell them what to do all the time, but then they lose access to them... Whatever, this isn't a book review. (But you guys should read the book. Seriously.) And the chapters are really short, at least some of them, and every single word is meaningful. But the characters just lose everything-- there's no fairy-tale ending, no happily ever after, no true love. I was thinking-- what if I were to write a story like that, in which everything goes wrong? Something dark and compelling and sad? And then I started thinking about the whole mutant species thing again... What if scientists obtained, like, an egg (like girls/women have eggs-- you know, ovaries) from a... well, whatever the other species is called.... and a... um, a... sperm... from some guy, and managed to grow a half-human, half-mutant girl in a lab, and raise her as a secret experiment? Would she be all frail and sickly? Would she try to escape? So, she has this notebook-- just an ordinary notebook-- but she writes in it, every night, just little, simple things, but meaningful things, scary things. What would she write? Okay, guys: if I get more than 5 positive comments from different people, I will write the story.

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