~Artificial~     (An original story in the form of a journal)

~Artificial~ (An original story in the form of a journal)

Well, guys, this sort-of-kinda-maybe idea has been haunting me for a while now... actually, it was like, two ideas... So, I was thinking: What if there was another species that arose from genetic abnormalities in humans? Like, kids born with tails, or complete hairlessness, or weird diseases? What if that species went into hiding for a hundred years, but then emerged again in 2020?
Well, I don't wanna run out of space... I'll explain more. Look down.

Chapter 2

January 1st, 2032

by: Alastor_
I do not remember being born.
Is that bad?
Should I remember?
I do not know.
It is day. I think it may be nine o'clock, but I do not know which hand tells the hour. Not yet. Should I know that? Maybe. I am in my room. Through the wall, I hear the Doctors talking. They keep saying the words "Dee-en-ay" and "breakthrough". I do not know what those words mean. I will have to ask.
I can see my clock on the wall. It is above my bed. The short hand is not moving, but the long one is. How does the clock know the time? Do the Doctors have to tell it?
But I do not know when they would tell it. I never hear them talking about the time. I never even see them touch the clock, because they are always watching me. They say they are observing. I think "observing" must mean they are looking at me. Does it?
They gave me some new food today. It did not taste good. It was orange, and long, and skinny, and crunchy. I do not recall what it was, but they said rabbits like it.
...I will have to ask them what rabbits are as well.

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