Naruto 7 Minutes In Heaven

Naruto 7 Minutes In Heaven

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You were getting ready for the party Sakura was throwing, so obviously you knew Sakura was going to make you play 7 minutes in heaven. You chose your best clothes and ran to her house.
After what seemed like forever, Sakura forced everyone to play the game (her power is amazing) . So you put your hand in the hat and pulled out a piece of paper with the color...

Chapter 1


"Orange!" you shouted, knowing it would be Naruto. You looked at Hinata as she stared at the floor in despire. You felt bad but wanted to get this over with, even if you a slight crush on him.

You both walked to the closet quietly.Then, he shouted "Don't worry Sakura! I will be back soon, Believe it!" and smiled. Sakura just shutted the door and locked it.

You were sitting at the far end of the closet while Naruto just sat there day-dreaming of ramen. "Typical" you thought. Then you heard some movement. You put yourself on full alert.

"____? " whispered Naruto.
"Yes?" you replied. Suddenly you felt him pinning you down to the floor.
"What?" you blushed. "I tried my whole life trying to impress Sakura, but I failed. I knew I loved you, but I was too scared of admitting my feelings to you so I tried to get you jealous of Sakura so you could tell me your feelings to me because I knew you liked me." explained Naruto and starting kissing you.

You just stared at him in shock but after understanding the speech he just gave, you kissed him back.

After a few minutes you broke apart for air . You were panting so much you didn't notice that Naruto started to kiss your neck but when he hit your sensetive spot, you moaned in pleasure but quiet enough for the others outside not to hear.
His hand started to crawl up your stomache but only to the stomache. He then moved from the neck to your stomache and started kissing it. You tightened your hand around his other hand.

You knew in a few more seconds, your time was up.

"Stop!" you shouted, "Our time together is almost up! Hurry and get back to the positions we were at the beginning!"

You both hurried to your positions. There was a short knock on the door and opened. "Times up!" shouted Kiba, he looked around but saw you two were just sitting. "Aw, Didn't you two do anything?" Naruto just walked out and said "Nothing." You walked towards Hinata and said "Sorry..." with a sad expression.

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