my family

my family

This is about my messed up family

Chapter 1

i think my grandpa was a gangster

by: cjcj
So my grandfather died, around the time my parents started dating. Its all sad,but ive never knew him, so idont feel like a wreck or anything.
But the other day my mom told me it was almost a goodthing he wasnt still around. Instantly i though me mom was heartless ( not the first time) but then she said something veerry different. She told me what my grandfather would have tought me...
Dirty jokes and how to rob people

Now my moms maiden name is capone. And starting to think im related to old scarface. His entire family, but him of corse, are rich. And i saw an old pic. All the guys lwere big, burly, and looked like a gangster, like an al capone type gangster not our current day gangsters
So ya, im related to thieves, joy


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