The School of Rock: Welcome to the Jungle

It has been a year since the school of rock disbanded, but a reunion has been organised. Be prepared for breakdowns, old grudges, drama, romance and..well, i'll let you see for yourself. comments, please?

Chapter 1

A Lot Like Cluedo

Nick didn't like the look of Morbidside Hotel. It was grey, and falling apart so badly it would most likely come down on your head. The sign was flickering on and off, and graffiti covered the walls.
'Eugh.' Was the only remark he could make. Morbidside was located by the stinking Lake Malodor. Axl smirked.
'It'll be fine, doll,' He assured. 'Even if it ain't up to your fine standards.' Nick pulled a sour face, and opened the door. Axl followed him in, smirk growing even wider until it transformed into a grin. A lonely concierge sat falling asleep, and woke with a shock when Nick rang the bell.
'Mr Rhodes?' He asked. Nick nodded.
'How did you know?'
'A man told me to expect you. He had hair. Tight trousers. David, I think his name was,' The concierge pointed up the hallway. 'your room is up that way. The others will be waiting for you.' Nick quirked an eyebrow, but thanked the concierge. He and Axl made their way up the stairs.
'The others?' Axl repeated. 'Boy, this sure does sound a lot like Cluedo.'
Nick ignored this comment and continued up the stairs.
'Hellooo?' He called along he deserted corridor. No answer. 'Helloo?' He continued to walk along slowly, Axl following with a considerable amount of caution. Everything was silent, before-
'Nick?!' Someone yelled. The person Nick had bumped into was tall, made taller by his mountain of curly dark hair.
'Marc!' Nick exclaimed, still getting over the shock. 'Hullo!'
'Hi,' Marc said. 'Hello to you too, Axl.' Axl saluted.
'Aight?' He regarded.
'Where is everyone, Marc?' Nick asked. Marc pointed down the hallway.
'Just through there. C'mon, we're all waiting for you.'

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