Loki Love (Thor)

Just a small story for those who love loki as much as me :)
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Chapter 1

Once upon a time

by: Morgana97
As i ate from the table infront of me i couold feel the burn of the eyes piercing the back of my neck. I couldnt withstand miuch longer, i looked around. There leaning against a golden pillar was a man. His hair was dark as night. I cought his Forest green eyes and looked back at the plate of salad. Why had i ordered salad, i didnt even like it that much...

The figure that i was looking at just a moment ago came and sat at the spare seat next to me. Sif, my childhood friend greeted him with a grunt and walked away. I was about to follow when a voice crumbled my insides. The voice was sweet as suger but as hard as iron,
"Hi, My name is Loki, brother of Thor." I looked around. Before i could say or do anything his lips were upon mine. I inhailed the warmth. I opened my eyes to see those green eyes i had seen earlier.
"I`m..." My voice scerached out, i cleared my thought and carried on, "I`m Laira,"
"I`ve been watching you, i know who you are" He smiled sweetly a looked into my eyes. I wish he wasnt looking at my face as i was completly red!!!

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