LoveStruck (A Draco Malfoy Love Story) With My Commentary

Chapter 1


Hey!My name is Dabria Kathrine Ashleigh Tucker-Price You have three first names, two last names, and an even stupider nickname. but everyone calls me Bambi because of my big green BROWN. Bambi's eyes were BROWN eyes.I have Long sun kissed golden hair that falls into perfect curls and sun kissed clear skin and I amslim, but have perfect If I hear the word perfect one more time... curves in all of the right places.I attend howarts and am in Gryfindore, in my seventh Really? I thought you were in preschool. year.I wear MINISKIRTS or shorts everyday and sometimes tight skinny jeans, cool DRESSES, i wear TOPS, SCARVES, necklaces, HIGH HEELS.I love TARTAN clothes especially dresses n skirts.I paint my NAILS Ummm... What's with all the capitalized words? O.O everyday and wear a little bit of make up, just fondation, blue eyeliner(not alot I dont want to look like a f^king emo Am I the only "Fvcking emo" that wants to murder you?), eyeshadow and lipgloss.

Today I am wearing a tight, low cut floral minidress that clung to my body and Black high heels that made my long, slim legs look even longer. I do believe Hogwarts has a uniform, brainless I walked to the Great hall and spotted my goerguos, blonde, frind Candi Alexandra Hayley Smith(A/N:Hayley thats you babe! Don't embarrass poor Hayley even more. She just got the stupidly-long-name treatment. at the Slytherine table.

In her first year she got sorted in to the Slytherin house and hates it.i sat down next 2 her nd got dirty loks from the slytherins, I don't blame themso i puled the finger at was wearing a tight wite tank top and denim booty shorts that she looked uber hot in"I f^king hat it here all th slytherins are bitccy emos Emos unite! We need to rid the world of the scourge known as Danni!"Candi saied to me"lets move to your table."We stood and were stopped by Draco Malfoy the hottest boy in existence, well for a emo slytherin."Hey girls,"he said sexily"MCR A muggle-hating wizard going to a muggle band's concert in a SECRET wizarding town? HA! are playing in Hogsmede tonight, I'll meet you here at eight."wihout thinkig I said"Yes."and Candi gasped.

Candi gasped and pulled me away from Draco"You can't go to MCR with draca!Hes a stypid emo!And do you even know what mcr is?!!!11'

"Noo!Of corse not, Candi whats MCr? Facepalm "I assked

"A f^king emo band i f^king hate them!" MCR is awesome. You suck.

"Excuse me, are you guys talking about MCR?I heard Drako wanted to take you."said a stypid emo slytherine called pansy.

"Yeah, why the f^c do you care?"Candi shoted You shot her?! All she did was ask you a fvcking question!

"Well i thought you might not fit in well with the of the other ppl at the concert, I mean lok at how I thought Candi shot her ur dressed!'pansy said pointing at our cute cloths Yes, cloths. As in rags. I see where you got confused. Your "cute" clothes and cloths have about the same amount of fabric. "I could help if you want."

"Fine."I siad bak and then we went into da slytherinies commen roam. Commen roam?!

Pansy lent us sum clothes and i put mine were a skirt that had skulls on it and sum black fishnets wif rips nd sum conberse shoes and a black tank tup wit MCR on it. I started to puttput mah hare in a messy bun but ponsy stopped me.

"I ned to spray paint it black first!"she said and i gosped. Because all emos Spraypaint their hair black.

"You are not painting my hare black!'i yeilied No, because painting the poor rabbit black would be animal cruelty.

"fin!I wil just put in sum streaks."she said bac

By eght I lookd fantastically emo and went to the gret hal to meet draco with Candi, she loked emo as well she was wearing a leather mini dress and red fishnets and concerse shoes with black liggloss and blac hd did her haire black.

"Thank you Pansy,you are a life saver we would have looked so stypid without you."Candi sasid

"I know!We could spell your name with a i so its pansi instead of Pansy." And she would want that why?

Pansi Smiled at us"It was no probelm bye!'and she ran off

""Rite ready to go?I assed Assed? Assed?! ASSED?! candi

"Yup!"she said back and we walked sexily into the great hal.


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