Stoll Brothers And A Sister?

Hi. I am making this story about Travis and Connor Stoll from the Percy Jackson Series. Hope you like and PLEASE COMMENT/RATE!!!

Chapter 1


by: Good_Time
Hi. I'm Maylee. Many of you did not know this, but I am the little sister of Travis and Connor Stoll. Yes, Maylee Stoll. After having two boys, my mom, Taylor Stoll, wanted a girl. I am also the daughter of Hermes. I am 13 and going into 8th grade this year, (It's June right now). I look a lot like my brothers- I have long curly red hair and mischevious green eyes. I have the Hermes family resemblance- upturned eyebrows and elfish face features. I also have a face full of freckles. I love to pull pranks and participate in running competitions. My brothers love me and I love them. Yesterday they told me I should come with them to Camp-Half Blood. I have heard about it many times but never thought about going myself. I was reluctant to go, but I agreed anyway. I will be going tonight and we will get there early tomorrow morning. My brothers are going to take turns driving (they are 16 now.) Wish me luck!


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