SNEAK PEEK ON A STORY I WANNA CREATE!!! WEEE! (Stormy I think you might like this! It's PJ! :D)

Ok the OC's names Jasmine Midnight, daughter of Hades.

Chapter 1


(Set in 4th book of Percy Jackson! Well this part is, I'm gonna start from the 1st, but I came up with this a few days ago! :D)

I couldn't wait any longer.I looked at the others.
"I'm going in after him"
"Jasmine think about this!!" Annabeth said sternly. "Percy told us to stay be-"
I didn't hear the rest of it. I snuck in.
When I got deep enough...what I saw horrified me. Percy was pinned down by Luke. He had a staff pointed at his throat.
But it wasn't Luke....
His eyes were golden.
'Kronus...' I thought.
I reached down, I pulled a knife out of my boot, and threw it. It barely grazed over Luke's shoulder.
His head jerked.
"Ah, my servants little hero...."
Yep, that was Kronus. I could easily recognize it.
"Or is it girlfriend? It sure seemed that way every time he begged me to spare your life, Midnight." Kronus sneered. But it was strained. There was fear in his eyes. Lukes eyes.
Fear for me. I knew it.
Percy looked at me. He wanted me to leave. To late.
I pulled out my sword. It wasn't long before Kronus and I were fighting. But I could tell by hesitation Luke was trying not too.

We fought for a good deal of the time, before I was on the ground, breathing heavily, rather beat up. His staff at my throat. But there was a terrified, worried look in the golden eyes.
"What are you waiting for Kronous! Kill me!" I yelled.
Percy looked at me as if I was crazy. But I knew what i was doing.
Nothing happened.
"Aw c'mon Kronus! Really?!" I smirked. Luke was fighting it.
Finally the staff dropped, he fell on his knees.
"What....what is going on?!" Kronus growled.
I sat up and began to stand, sneering.
"One thing you need to learn about Luke, Kronus, is he won't lay a finger on his loved ones. Much less kill them"


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