Chapter 1

Meow :P

by: Apathy_
Kay, so this one's a little different. Comment with any number between (and including) 1-20 and I'll give you a music video. Based on that music video, you write me a story :) It can be a group story if you want, but you have to message me and tell me who you're writing with. And I might give you a lyric video, or something like that.
It can be based on the actual video, or on the lyrics, i don't mind. You'll be scored on originality, grammar, 'wow' factor, emotion, etc etc. Y'know the sort of thing.

I have no ideas for prizes, so if you win just suggest a prize and I'll tell you whether or not you can have it :D Don't cross that imaginary line, though. Like, I'm not going to give you my account for a day, or something like that :)

Sooooooo comment a number if you want to enter and I'll give you a link to a music video! :D

~Jenny xxxxx


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