The Legend of Zelda: One World (CLEAN)

The Legend of Zelda: One World (CLEAN)

This is a oneshot of how I think a Link fanfic should be written...ANDDDD there is an explicit version of this story if you would rather read that one! :

Chapter 1

One World

The rays of sun beamed down through the leaves of the trees in Faron Woods. The monsters had long vanished. Faron Woods had been restored to its original being thanks to Link. Now, Link ventured into the woods yet again.

Link let the grass slide through his hands has he walked. Faron woods was soundless, except for the tweeting birds and the occasionally monkeys stirring. Link enjoyed the peacefulness of the woods and just about everywhere else also, but there was sadness to this also. Now that the world is balanced once again, Link was out of the job and had no excuse to assist his maiden that is still not officially his. Link sat down on a gray, smooth rock with a sigh. He gazed up beyond the branches of the trees. He laid back and shielded his eyes from the harmful rays with his arm.

Link felt something nudge his arm. He decided not to take action quite yet which was a mistake. The next nudge was angrier and then resulted in his clothes being nibbled at. Link’s eyes shot open and he gasped as he jumped back. Epona neighed in response to his reaction. It seemed she wanted him awake. Link patted her nose and promptly got up. He took a moment to stretch before mounting his horse.

Epona started trotting back home. By this time, it was time to head home. The sky burned a deep red and orange. Night would fall upon the earth, and the temperature would drop. Link dismounted Epona as she approached her stable. Link gave her one last pat on her nose before climbing the ladder leading to his tree home. Link kicked off his shoes at the door. His laziness was getting the better of his.

Before he headed to his bed, he spotted an envelope on the rug from the corner of his eyes. Though he was feeling quite lazy at the moment, he still went over to the letter and picked it up. He slowly peeled the sticker off the envelope so it did not rip. He unfolded it and read the letter in his head. His eyes opened wide.


Do not be alarmed by this letter. I am requesting your presence at once, but you do not have to comply to my wishes if you do not want to. If you choose to come, you cannot be seen by anyone.


Link folded the letter back up and placed it back in its envelope. He tucked that away in his pockets. He must not let any other eyes to see this. Link quickly changed into his hero uniform before heading back out the door. It was a surprise what power a woman had over a man.

He pondered why his maiden had requested his presence as he climbed down the wooden ladder. Link played around with the idea that the world was not as peaceful as he thought it was, and he should not have made an almost routine of sleeping in the woods. Link decided that must be why Zelda needed him. She must have a suspicion that something is not right, but does not want a word getting out to the town of Hyrule or anywhere else.

Epona greeted Link with another neigh. It seemed like she already knew that they were going on an adventure. Link remounted his horse, and they were off. The travel to Hyrule Field would take a few hours. Link looked up at the sky once more. He noticed that there was something a bit off with the setting. Clouds had invaded the sky and by the looks of these clouds, a giant storm was coming. He estimated that he should be in the castle by the time it rains. Once he finally arrived at Hyrule Field, he realized his estimations were off.

The rain came pouring down. The bridge of Hyrule was now slippery, but Epona still sprinted on. They sprinted through the town. The precautions had already been taken care of. Since it was both night and raining, no one in the town of Hyrule would be walking on the streets. The rain was the perfect disguise.

As they approached the castle, Link knew that he and Epona would have to depart. Link dismounted off his horse as he approached the stables of the castle which were much nicer than the one back at his home. Link stealthily left the stable. Now came the difficult part.

Getting into the castle would not be simple because there was no way he could just go through the main gates. He took a moment to think. Then, his plans to his entry route began to layout in his mind. He would have to get to higher grounds and enter through a window in the castle. Then, he would travel as high as he could without being seen by the guards before traveling outside once again.

Link traveled up onto the roofs of houses and traveled to the castle that way. This was quite simple to do now that he had done it many times before when the world was in a crisis. Link made in through a window and traveled up the stairs. The castle always had low security so he always managed to travel pretty high up before he had to head out a window. This time varied a little from all the others. He could not go through the window that was right outside the doors of Zelda’s room. He was forced to continue with scaling the side of the building. He sighed in relief when he found a window that led to the inside of Zelda’s room. Light poured through the crack of the window. Link peered into the crack to make sure that Zelda was the only one in her room. Link’s eyes opened wide once again as he gasped at what he saw.

At this point, the rain thundering down on his back did not bother him the slightest bit because Link happened to peer through the window when Zelda was finishing up with putting on her sleeping gown. Link eyes grazed upon the porcelain skin that happens to be Zelda’s petite body. Link placed one of his hands on the window just to get a better grip on the castle, but his actions predicted other plans. His hand pushed through the window opening it more. He lost balance and rolled into Zelda’s room.

Zelda gasped as she hurriedly pulled up the straps of her sleeping gown over her shoulders. Link stood up as if he meant to come barreling through the windows. He could not keep up with that façade for that long because he found himself blushing in embarrassment which forced him to turn away from Zelda and face the window.

“Link, I thought you weren’t going to show up.” Zelda stated quietly. “I’m glad you did though.”

Link nodded while rubbing the back of his head. It was evident that he was still embarrassed.

“Oh, Link! You traveled in this storm, and now you’re all wet!” Zelda exclaimed.

Link shrugged. He traveled in worse conditions than this. Link jumped a little when he felt Zelda wrapping a blanket around his shoulders, and then felt her mouth close to his ear.

“You should get undressed.” She whispered into his ear.

Her words made him shuddered. Her breath tickled his ear in all the right ways. Link was a little hesitant to comply with his maidens wishes, but the blanket would surely be enough cover. Once he was completely undressed, he wrapped the blanket entirely around his body. He finally turned to face Zelda. She held her hand to her face to hide her smirk. Link stood before her without changing his expression.

“Well, go lie down, Link. Make yourself comfortable.” Zelda commanded as she began to shut the window.

He did as she commanded and took the blanket off of him once he was under the covers of her bed. Zelda turned around with a smile. He rubbed the back of his head.

“You must be wondering why I requested your presence.” Zelda stated as she made her way to the bed and sat down on top of the covers. Link nodded. “There is no emergency which you could’ve guessed already. I just wanted you to be with me tonight so I could show my thanks for everything you’ve done. It was unfortunate that I told you to come when a storm was brewing.”

Zelda began crawling closer to him. Link tried to back up, but found he was at the edge of the bed. He would not get out of the bed without being clothed. Link gulped once Zelda was on top of him straddling him.

“But you know me. Things don’t always go exactly as planned.”

Zelda began pulling the top of the covers off of Link’s chest. Link quickly pulled the covers back up and kept them there. Zelda giggled and leaned forward so her mouth was near his ear once more.

“Link, let me do this. Give in to me.” She requested.

When she sat back up, blush covered Link’s face. She giggled once more. She moved her face closer to his and brushed her lips ever so gently against his. Zelda gazed into Link’s blue eyes before pressing down on his lips, but it did not stop there. She continued to kiss to him and placed Link’s hands onto her hips. Zelda’s kisses trailed down to Link’s neck. She tried once again to pull the covers down, but Link held his hand over hers. Link’s blue eyes peered up at Zelda.
“You don’t need to be nervous.” Zelda said.

Link shook his head. He sat up and wrapped his arms around Zelda pulling her closer to him. This left Zelda breathless. Her hero made quite the bold move and a very passionate one. She wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled her face into his shoulder. She understood that they did not have to do such actions tonight. It could wait.

Link pulled away leaving just a bit of space in between them. Link gazed at Zelda’s beautiful face before planting his lips on hers. Link pulled away again with a smile. Zelda got off of Link and went under just the comforters of the bed.

“Could we still just do this?” Zelda asked cuddling up against Link.

He smiled again and nodded. She nuzzled her face into Link’s neck and relaxed against his body. Link and put his arm around her happily knowing that this woman was going to be involved with him for the rest of his life.


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