Day At The Mall That Turned Into A Week At The Mall

A little Hetalia story I'm cooking up for you guys just a pinch of Hungary.... WARNING: CONTAINS EXCESSIVE VIOLECE, ADULT LANGUAGE, AND GORY DETAILS! :)
Enjoy! :D

Chapter 1

Let's Go To The Mall!

Russia walked down the street when America and Prussia stopped him. Odd. America and Prussia... "Sup Russia! We're going to the mall wanna come?" America said as he shoved a burger in his mouth. "Well since I have nothing else to do... Sure."
So we walked down the road until we got to Prussia's house. "Stay here," he said "I'm getting the car keys."
America continued to eat burgers and Russia stared up at the sky. "Stare....stare....stare....," Russia mumbled. Prussia came back out and started up the car. "Get in, losers."
"But I'm the hero!" America said.

When they got to the mall's parking lot, they all jumped out of the car and ran inside. "Damn I hate winter," America said. "As do I," Russia said. "Come on let's look for awesome stuff!" Prussia shouted. Russia followed Prussia around the store while America got distracted at the food court. Prussia picked up an Adventure Time shirt and asked "What do you think? It looks awesome on me, right?"
"Da! It's very nice."
"$14?!? Totally not awesome..."
Then America came up to them and said "Dudes! They're all out of food!"
"Let me guess, you ate it all?" Prussia asked.
Just then, the power went out. "Not awesome!!" Prussia shouted. Russia tugged on Prussia's sleeve and pointed out the window. "What?! A blizzard?!? THIS IS TOTALLY NOT AWESOME!!"

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