Superhero Big Brother (Story/fanfic by me,read intro)

ok so....Big brother.....but with superheroes (and some villains). I'll post questions every now and then of who you want to evict. So please comment, rate and enjoy this xD

Chapter 1


Loki sat on a sofa looking around at this foolish mortal house when a well built man in a white vest and jeans walked down the stairs and flopped on the sofa next to him, 'Alright bub?' he asked holding out his hand, Loki stared at it for a while before shaking it saying 'Loki' 'What kind of a name is that?' 'My name' Loki frowned at the man. 'Well ok then, Logan's the name or Wolverine' 'The pleasure's all yours i'm sure' Loki went back to looking at everything but Logan. 'What a nice welcoming party' A girl walked down the stairs, she was extremely pretty Loki thought until before his eyes her skin turned blue and hard. 'Ha' Logan said standing up, 'Mystique' Loki was confused but stood up all the same and kissed the girls hand, she flashed him a smile and said 'Anyone know who else we've got?' 'Rumor has my brother will pay us a visit' And sure enough, at Loki's words Thor appeared at the top of the stairs, flicking his hair and holding up his hammer as his eyes fell on Mystique, 'I am Thor of Asgard' He said bowing to her and kissing her hand, she just rolled her eyes. An announcer's voice filled the room the four were sitting in. 'Ladies, gentleman and less awesome people, introducing Tony Stark' a few bangs and flashes when off and a suited man strutted around and down the stairs. And staight after another very pretty women walked shyly down the stairs, she had long brown hair and was wearing a pinky red leotard and cape. 'Hello' she said 'my name's Wanda, uh, The Scarlet Witch' everyone welcomed her then two young men entered together and introduced themselves as Peter Parker and Harry Osborn. The housemates looked around at hearing some insane laughter, a man in a purple suit nearly fell down the stairs, his green hair was straggly and he had clown make-up over his scarred face, he didn't introduce himself simply asked everyone what they were looking at and headed of to another room, licking his lips. 'The Joker' Bruce Wayne stood at the top of the stairs, walking down, stroking the railing as he did so. 'I think that's all of us' Stark said making himself comfy. 'Not quite' another young man walked down the stairs, 'Remy Lebeau' He said running his fingers over the rim of his hat and offering his hand for the men to shake. 'Or Gambit'.

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