Superhero Big Brother (Story/fanfic by me,read intro)

ok so....Big brother.....but with superheroes (and some villains). I'll post questions every now and then of who you want to evict. So please comment, rate and enjoy this xD

Chapter 2

The rooms

The Big Brother announcer's voice filled the room, 'Housemates' it began, 'You will be separated into 2 bedrooms, One for the superheroes, and One for the villains. Gambit, please report to the diary room' They housemates looked at each other then walked down a little hallway, on the left was a door marked heroes on the right was one marked villains. They separated and went to get comfortable in their new bedrooms.
In 'The villain room' The Joker was sat on a bed staring at the wall. Mystique and Loki took a bed each and looked over at the spare one. 'Are we missing someone?' Mystique asked Loki. 'Well Mr.Lebeau headed to the diary room' he replied.
Over in the 'Hero room' there was also a spare bed. Wanda was combing her hair in the mirror, Harry and Peter were engaged in, what was to them, a very interesting convocation about science. Wolverine looked unimpressed as Thor nominated himself for team leader. Bruce and Tony were, obviously, in a debate about who was richest.
In the diary room Remy had showed up. 'Hello Gambit' a voice from a speaker somewhere said, 'Uh, howdy'. 'You may have noticed' it began again, 'you do not have a room, this is because your loyalties lie with neither the heroes nor the villains, So, your task is to prove yourself to one of the sides, to earn a bed, until then, you will sleep on the floor' Gambit didn't like the sound of this and walked away from the diary room in a kind of strop. 'Sleep on the floor my ass'
Wanda cooked up a meal for everyone in the kitchen and they sat down at the table to eat. 'Wanna know how i got these scars?' everyone looked unimpressed over to Joker. 'What?!' he said, 'It's the only real convocation starter i know' a few people laughed and they continued to eat, night fell and one by one the group became less as the housemates headed to bed, only the villains and Gambit were left in the living room. 'You know' Remy started, 'I sure do like hurting people' Loki and the Joker stared hard at him. 'Me too, look we have something in common, we aren't friends, goodnight Lebeau' The Joker laughed then decided this kid wasn't worth his time and went to his room. 'What's your game Gambit?' Mystique asked. 'Poker' he replied, 'Bit of blackjack, Aces high, go fis-' 'You know what i mean Remy' She interrupted, 'I really don't Raven, i'm going to sleep' Gambit curled up at the end of the sofa and closed his eyes, Loki looked over to mystique and she just shrugged her shoulders

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