Superhero Big Brother (Story/fanfic by me,read intro)

ok so....Big brother.....but with superheroes (and some villains). I'll post questions every now and then of who you want to evict. So please comment, rate and enjoy this xD

Chapter 3

Day 1

It's morning in the big brother house and the Heroes have been awake for an hour before the villains start to rise. Wanda has breakfast ready. 'Wanda' Logan says with a mouthful of food, 'You're a really good cook' 'Well i used to cook for my brother, Quicksilver' 'Oh the runny guy' 'I think you mean 'runner' and yes, that's him'. The villains sat down to eat. Joker ate approximately nothing, while Loki at first looked disgusted by the lack of good food but then began to feast on everything available. Tony slipped Wanda some money, a wink, a pat on the behind then sat down to enjoy some bacon. 'Scarlet Witch is it?' Gambit asked, he had been absent for her introduction, 'Yes that's right' she replied. 'Logan's right, you are a mighty good cook' He smiled widely and kissed her on the cheek, he would win a place to sleep. 'BROTHER!!!!!!!!' the booming voice of Thor echoed through the house. Everyone followed his eyes and saw Loki disappear into the Villain room. 'What's he done?' Harry asked, 'He stole my breakfast' Thor said with a sad expression.
Gambit didn't know how to win a bed in this place, the villains we too mean and laughed at his attempts and he just wasn't good enough for the heroes. 'Villains' the announcer's voice called once again, 'Please report to the dairy room' Mystique, Loki, The Joker and Gambit. Hurried to the diary room. 'What are you doing' Loki said as he realized the tag along. 'Well' Remy began, 'I think of myself as a bit of a bad guy' 'Right' Mystique snorted. 'Each of your enemies have a possession you must steal, in order to get your own' The room told them. 'Loki, you must take Thor's cape in order to get your specter. You have till tomorrow morning' Loki smiled 'Easy'

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