Superhero Big Brother (Story/fanfic by me,read intro)

ok so....Big brother.....but with superheroes (and some villains). I'll post questions every now and then of who you want to evict. So please comment, rate and enjoy this xD

Chapter 6

Goodbye, hello

Harry hugs everyone and the villains give grossed out faces before harry walks up the stairs and out of the big brother house, Peter looks as if could cry and Joker heads back to his drawer as if nothing has changed. Thor taps him on the shoulder. 'Villain' 'yeeeees' 'What do you think you are doing?' 'Well i know what i'm doing, i think the questions is, what do you think i'm doing?' Thor's confused face pleases the Joker and he decides his work is done, but as he starts to leave he is stopped buy a blow to the head, issued by Thor. 'You're going to regret that space boy' Joker says as a blade from his shoe threatens to pierce Thor's skin. The two start to fight and before long everyone is fighting or using there powers to stop it. Loki takes this opportunity and rips Thor's cape of his back and hurries to the diary room.
'Loki' The voice of the diary says as he enters, he takes a seat on the chair and hold Thor's cape up triumphantly. 'Well done, you will find your staff in the Villain room' Loki leaves smiling mischievously.

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