Nandos (A Niall Horan Love Story)

Hehehehe ! NANDOS RULES!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

Na Na Na

Pizza at Nandos sounds right. No, I want some chocolate cake. No, pizza. No, cake. "Louis should I have cake or pizza?" I asked Louis while trying to decide to have well, pizza or cake.

"The pizza and have the cake for dessert!" Louis replied with a really peppy attitude which was kinda creeping me out.

"Okay! What are you staring at Harry?" I asked while staring at Harry trying to get him to answer my question.

"Oh nothing, did you see that girl over there with the beautiful blonde curly hair?" Harry asked to see me, Liam, and Zayn creeped out.

"But, Hazza, you love me!" Louis said joking around.

"I call dibs! On her and the cake over there!" I exclaimed while staring at the cake.

"B-but," Harry stuttered.

"Just Kiddng!" I said to see Harry almost cry.

"Okay," Harry said drying his eyes.

"I like the one over there sitting next to the blonde," I said.

"The red head one?" asked Louis suspiciously because he liked her.

"No, the brown haired one!" I said to see the girls staring at us.

"I think she's checking you out, Niall," Zayn said to make me stop staring at the cake.

"Yeah she is," Liam added.

"What!" I exclaimed.

"The blonde is checking you out Harry," Zayn said to make Harry and Louis stop arguing.

"And the red is checking you out Lou," Liam added to make them stop, too.

"What!" Harry and Louis exclaimed getting the whole restraunt to stare at us.

"Nice going dipwads," I whispered trying to avoid the fact that the whole restraunt was staring at us.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Words wll be words, till you bring them to life!

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