An Uprising (for AVENGERS story contest)

Chapter 1

The problem

BRANG BRANG BRANG the sirens blared.

"All Avengers to the boardroom!" Ironman shouted.Everyone ran to the emergency meeting. The boardroom was a plain white room with 6 "swivel" chairs. One for everyone: Black Widow,Hawkeye,Ironman,Hulk,Thor,and Captain America. Once everyone was seated, Ironman told them what he could find.

"Well. We have a 9.9 case on our hands. If you are new,a 9.9 is very bad. I'm afraid, loads of villains have joined forces and plan to defeat us. I'm sure we will have to do the same thing." Ironman informed the group.

"Who are the villains?" Black Widow asked.

"Loki,Penguin,Joker,Lex Luther. It will not be pretty.Meeting over." Ironman answered.

"Wait! Who will we work with?'' Thor asked.

"Superman,Catwoman,Spiderman,and Batman." Ironman said.

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