we all love at one point ( hogwarts love story)

we all love at one point ( hogwarts love story)

hey yall....this is a story like no other >:)

Chapter 1

my person

mine is going to be:
Name: selena Rosensteel
Age: 11
year: 1st ( goes to french school)
house: unknown
DOB: 25 of december
hair: black with 3 white streaks in it and often has blue sparkles in the black part
eyes: dark blood red
Species: a witch but is part ghost. no one knows
wand: ash wood pehinox tail feather 13 3/4
personality: often very sad and angry. can get mad super fast. often has no friends. keeps to her self alot. often hangers around with the dead. also often wears black.
fav class: herbology
fav teacher: unknown

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