X-men - The battle for a chance

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Tameka Drake was a normal 15 year old girl. Or so she thought. This is the story of how her life changed, and the chain of events that she set in motion. This is the battle for a chance to be accepted for who she is.

Chapter 1


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I opened the bathroom door and walked inside. No one was there, I was safe to change without being caught. I looked in the mirror. I could do with my hair a little longer, my eyelashes thicker and that pimple gone. Today was school photo day, so naturaly I want to look my best. I shut my eyes and concentrated. When I opened then again I looked almost perfect, but I couldn't change myself too much or people will notice. I can change my appearance at will, I can change into different people completly, even my voice changes. I've always been able too. But I've learnt the hard way not to show people my trick.
How I natrualy look is medium height, with a fit, thin figure. I have light brown hair, streaked with blonde, that falls almost to my elbows, with blue/green/grey eyes and pale skin. I try not to change it too much.

My eyes flick over to the door as it opens, and a bunch of seventh graders walk in talking loudly. Great. My cue to leave. They smile at me as I walk out, and I return it.
"Tammi! Where have you been???!!!" Penny almost yells grabing my arm.
"Bathroom" I reply as she drags me to the gym.
"Photos are in like two minutes!" she declares.
At last we make it to the gym, where we join the rest of 9D and are put in height order.
"How's my hair?" Kate, a girl from my class asks me.
I sigh and fix it for her "Better now, how's mine?"
"Perfect, as always" she says. She sounded jealous.
We are seated in some sort of order and the photo is taken, then we're ushered outside.

I'm standing with Sarah, another friend, when some one comes up behind me and tackles me to the ground, pinning my arms to my sides. Instictively I defend myself, short spikes stick out of my back, stabing whoever attacked me. I hear gasp of pain and my attacker lets go of me. I get up and look at attacker. It Sam. He's not too badly hurt, he has only got cuts on his chest, but the expression on his face is the most painful thing of all.
Everyone has cleared away from me, and Sam is backing away in fear. I look over to Penny, who has tears running down her face, ruining her perfect makeup.
"Penny. It's still me, I'm not a monster. I promise." I say.
"YOU FREAK!!!" Penny screams at me. "You're a mutant! You could of killed him!"
I look down at Sam, who is still on the ground. "I'm really sorry, I didn't do it on purpose."
"Just get away from here, MUTT!" he manages to say.
Tears are starting to spill out of my eyes, "FINE!!!!" I growl, and I turn and run off.
These people don't want me. They hate me. They're scared of me. I'm a freak.
But where can I go. Surely not back to the orphanage. And I can't run forever, I need a place to hide. The best place to hide would be at the scene of the crime, so I change into Meg, a girl from my class who is not at school today, and casualy walk back to school.

Out the front of school I can see an ambulance, must be taking Sam to the hospital. Really. His injeries can't be that bad. The crowd that witnessed my attack have cleared, so I/Meg head to class.

Everyone is pale white and scared. I act like I don't know what happened.
"Did I miss photos?" I asks Sarah.
"That's not all you missed." she says, nodding her head towards Penny who is surrounded by a group of people. Penny looks up at me, and for a seconed I think might she recognize me. But the moment passes.
"It's Tameka. She is a MUTT!' she spits out the word. That's all I need to hear, so I find a seat at a desk and sit down, just as Ms. Rodgers comes in.

The rest of the day drags on, and I'm begining to become tired of being Meg. It really wears me out. I walk down the steps out the front of the school. School finished an hour ago, but I stayed back to advoid the crowds. At the bottom of the steps an old, bald man sits in a wheelchair. That's odd. All of a sudden I get a the strangest feeling in my head.
"Miss Drake, I believe." the man says as I walk past him. No one, not even my ex-best friend has been able to see through my disguises.
"No." I say, "You must have me confused with someone else."
"Ohno, I don't believe I do, Miss Drake. I am too a mutant. I'm Profesor X." he says.
I stare at the man in wonder. How does he know who I am?
"There is a school for our kind." Profesor X continues. "Where you can learn how to control your gifts, so no more accidents will occur. IF you wish, I can take you there."
"I'm sorry, but I don't go travelling with strange men." I say, "Even if they are mutants." I walk away.
"Where are you going, Miss Drake?" he asks.
I stop and think. I have nowhere to go. I can't go back to the orphange. I have nowhere else. Profesor X starts to roll away, moving surprisingly fast.
I'm going to regret this, "WAIT!' I call as I turn around and run after him. "I've changed my mind. Show me this school."

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