My dad, the all powerful Greek god???????

Okay, I love the Percy Jackson books, and every Rick Riodan book I've read, so I hope you like my Demigod story.xD
Main character-
Jade(Jay) Storm Barefoot
Black dyed straight hair, ADHD, Natural dirty blonde hair, blue/grey eyes, really protective and smart

Chapter 1

My mom,ugh!

"I'm keeping my hair this color!" I screamed back at my mom.
"No!You will go get that dye out of your beautiful hair!"
"N.O. spells no! You can't control everything I do! And don't you dare get your stupid boyfriend involved in this, cause guess what!He doesn't control me either!No matter if you marry him!" I ran up to my room and slammed the door.
"Ugh!He is my fiance!"
"So your not even gonna wait for dad to come back?!" I heard her slid down and onto the floor infront of my door.
"He left us years ago. He was wiht us for a few months and then he left. He's not coming back."Her voice softened.
"Will you even tell me his real name?"All the anger and hate I'd felt toward my mom slipped away.
"I can't, I wish I could but I can't until he sends me a sign or letter that I can. I'm sorry, he didn't want to leave you but he said that he had too." I heard her hold back a sob,"I'm sorry Jade, it's just that Paul will really help us out of this financal crunch and he really likes me and I really like him. Just please give him a chance. For me, for your dad."
"SIGH. Okay, but I can't take the dye out, the hair person even said that it would just have to wash out."
"Thank you. And okay. What do you want for dinner?"
"Pizza and a movie."
"I was thinking more like meeting Paul at Ruby Teusdays. You know, bonding for us. Plus he has his daughter with him."
"Okay, but what do I have to wear?"
"Nice jeans and a nice t-shirt. I'll come check on you in about 20 minutes."She got up and walked away. Sighing I went to my dresser and went through my skinny jeans looking for ones that fit my mom's criteria for nice jeans-no holes, not to much butt. I finally found a grey pair and put them on my bed. I then found my born free t-shirt, grey to match my eyes. I slipped of my clothes and slipped into my new outfit. I put on socks and my black converse. I looked in my mirror and knew that my mom has already told Paul about my black hair.

I’d dyed my hair black in a form of rebellion against my mom and her boyfriend/fiancé Paul. The hair dresser was my best friend, Sam. He always helps me with my rebelling against my mom. We’d been through everything together. He is an awesome friend.

I brushed my hair and put a hair band in it. I went to my mom's room and she was on the phone but nodded to my outfit.
"We'll meet you there. I can't wait to meet her..........I know, I don't like it either, but she claims that she can't undye it............Dear, there's no need to be that drastic........uh.....okay......Oh, that's wonderful! We'll see you soon, love you too."And she hung up a huge smile on her face. Oh, no!
"Guess what dear?"
"Paul knows a way to get that dye out of your hair."
"The hair dresser said that there is no way to get it out."
"His own daughter did this once too, and her hair dresser said the same thing, but they got it out."
"Mooommmm, what if I don't want it out?"
"Just for the wedding."
"UGH!Alright, but for you, not Paul or his silly daughter." She scowled at me but didn't say a word.

Afew minutes later we hopped in the car and started driving to Ruby Teusdays. We were both in our coats since it was raining. We pulled up and Paul came to the car to help my mom out, ugh! I hate Paul!


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