Push On (An LotR Story)

Indilwen and I wanted to make an LotR story so here it is. Please give feedback.

Chapter 1


Eccaia's (Ehk-kye-ah) POV

I watched in amusement as Gandalf the Grey lit off a couple of rockets, which burst into a colorful display of shooting stars. The younger Hobbit children squealed in delight, which made me chuckle. Gandalf always managed to entertain the children at parties. His fireworks were a hit.

Bilbo Baggins' one hundred and eleventh birthday party was spectacular. Everyone who heard of this grand event came, no matter if they got an invitation or not. I smiled and shook my head. Bilbo always had liked to make a big deal of things.

Someone grabbed my arm and I turned around on my bench. My friend Merry Brandybuck was standing before me.

"Eccaia, come on! Pip, Sphene (Seh-feen), and I need your help!" He pleaded. I rolled my eyes and stood up. I asked "What is it?" but all Merry did was run towards a large bright tent. I rolled my eyes again. He liked to do this a lot to me.

I followed him behind the tent and saw that my friend, Pippin Took, and my sister, Sphene Tunnelly were already standing around behind it, waiting for me. Sphene smiled when she saw me. "About time, Eccaia! Now, come on. We're gonna set off some fireworks for the party."

I raised an eyebrow at her in surprise, secretly ecstatic about lighting off a firework. I said "Lighting off fireworks at a grand party without getting caught? Count me in!"

Pippin grinned. "Great! Hurry up, the cart's over here!" We snuck towards a large wooden cart filled to the top with big and small firework rockets. Pippin dove on top of the pile and the rest of us kept a sharp eye out for the wizard. He wouldn't be too kindly if he saw us sneaking around and taking fireworks.

Pippin held up a rocket the size of my arm. Merry hissed "No, the big one!" so Pippin searched for the biggest firework he could find. He held up one as big as a hog and Sphene said "Yes, that one!"

We helped him down and ran into a tent when Gandalf started to come to get more fireworks. Pippin planted the stick of the rocket in the ground and then lit it, pushing it towards Merry.

Merry pushed it back. "You're supposed to put it in the ground!"

"It is in the ground!" Pippin cried, shoving it back to Merry.

"Outside the tent!"

"This was your idea!"

At that moment, the firework went off and all four of us were blown flat on our backs, faces covered in soot. We watched as the firework carried the tent along with it as it rose high into the night sky. It transformed into a fiery red dragon and dive down towards the guests. People screamed and dove aside, looking terrified, and the dragon swooped back up, exploding now into a colorful display of red, blue, and green.

I stood up and brushed off the soot on my clothes. Merry, Sphene, and Pippin stood too and I heard Pippin say "That was fun." "Lets grab another one." I rolled my eyes at Merry's comment and suddenly I cried out.

Gandalf the Grey was looking down at the four of us, holding two of our ears in each hand. We all winced in pain. "Meriadoc Brandybuck, Peregrin Took, and Sphene and Eccaia Tunnelly. I ought have known. I'm sending you to wash the dishes as punishment. Any questions?"

We shook our heads, disappointed at getting caught. Gandalf let go and we went to go do the dishes, grumbling about how painful our ears were right now. We scrubbed dishes after dinner and listened to Bilbo's speech while working. He talked about the usual things, health, friends, his birthday, but then he spoke slowly about something else... Something about... Leaving?

Sphene and I exchanged baffled looks before I heard Bilbo Baggins say "I'm leaving now. Goodbye." And that was when every guest at his party went into a panic.

I turned around, confused. I gasped in shock. Bilbo Baggins, standing just seconds before on a table, had vanished.

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