Abused~ Original story

Hey, i'm just really bored and decided to make a story like this so read and comment and tell me what you think. Please and Thank you

Chapter 1

The Begging

"STOP, STOP IT!" I cry/scream from the top of my lungs but he doesn't care.

"YOU STUPID GIRL YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT YOU DO!!!" My dad said, while punching and kicking me. He's changed a ton since my mom died, she died when I was 14, and right now I'm 16 turning 17 in 2 weeks, but he doesn't care.

"PLEASE STOP, PLEASE!!!" I screamed again while being slammed into a wall and getting punched and kicked again.

"WHAT DID I TELL YOU, YOU STUPID GIRL!!" He kept punching and kicking me till I stopped struggling, then he gave the final hard kick then left the room and locked me inside there, alone, bleeding like crazy.

He was much nicer when my mom was around, he used to smile, and not get drunk, and never did he hit me, not once. But her lost affected him, a ton.

I moved my hand to my face to see how much damage he made. Forehead has some bumps but will heal, cheeks swollen as heck but will get to normal if i put some ice on it, eyes swollen but again it will get better. Then i go down to my stomach area, "bruises that will last a life time," i say to myself.

The only thing i could do was move my arms, maybe i can drag myself to my bed. I attempt to do so, but failed. So instead i just stayed on the ground, and prayed maybe he'll come to his senses tomorrow and say he's sorry for those 2 years of abuse, just maybe. Then after an hour of me with a headache and body ache i tried to get some sleep.

After being stuck in my room for a day with out food or water, I start thinking what i did wrong. Maybe... ummm..... or...... I might have.......I don't know.

I stand up carefully, trying not to make noise. I then go to my mirror and see how i look. I always had light brown hair, with some streaks of blonde, and of course it's natural, Light brown eyes, "a perfect nose" like my mom used to say, lightly tanned skin, and some freckles. but the bruises have taken over my face for now. I had a black eye and my left cheek was still swollen. My forehead had blueish/purplish bumps on them, that when i touched my whole head vibrated. Good thing today's Saturday, that means i have one more day till i try to heal, before my routine starts again, and by routine I mean school.

There's 2 things to look forward to when going to school, 1 i get to get away from here and 2 I get to see my best friend and my boyfriend, Kla and Jon.
I've known Kla since we were in 3rd grade, but we never went to school together, our moms met at work and from there we met, funny how life works huh? Jon, I've known him since 4th grade, we on the other hand have been to school together, which was what i guess made us stronger.

Kla has pale skin, has blueish/greenish eyes, and black hair, She was always been there for me no matter how many fights we've had. She was like my sister.

Jon, has tanned skin (like mine), brown eyes that look like caramel when in the light, and black hair. We started dating in the 8th grade, a few months before my mom died, he was the one who helped me move on the most. His first name is actually Jonathan, but he likes it when i call him Jon. So it got stuck.

Only Kla knows about my abusive dad, she told me a million times to go report him to the police, but i can't. I've always said that he was just going through a rough time, and that, he might change, but she doesn't care. I know she loves me like a sister, but she has to understand i can't just turn in my father. He's basically the only thing i have left from my family.

I try to look for my phone through my room, "Where is it, where is it." Then i remembered, i left it on top of the kitchen table, right before my dad entered as drunk as ever last night. I wish he could get back to his old self again.

After a few hours past i got really, really thirsty. Then i remembered i had a water bottle in my book-bag. I go to where my book-bag is and look through my stuff, make up bag, notebooks, text books, pencil pouch, aha water bottle. I eagerly open the bottle and drink. I leave a little bit just in case he doesn't get me out of here tomorrow.
My stomach starts grumbling, now do i have anything to eat. I look through my bag with out success. Guess ill just wait.

A few more hours past, and i have nothing to do, I did all my homework, my room is clean, and i don't feel like reading a text book, so what can a 16 year old girl do in her room without a cell phone..... that's right nothing. Then i get an urge to use the bathroom. Great.

When night time comes around I fall asleep. But it was actually harder than you think, with my stomach grumbling and i had to pee, trust me that is not a good combination. But I fall asleep anyways, I hope the swelling goes down.

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