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I thought how about write some reviews for fan fictions here, hope you enjoy
(some reviews might include spoilers so please make sure you read the story first)

Chapter 1

Beautiful Hearts

Beautiful Hearts by jennyblazer
the link for the story : (
(Note: Spoilers Alert)

If you still haven't read the Paul McCartney fan fiction; Beautiful Hearts, I have only one suggestion for you. Close this page, open that story, and get on it right away. But wait, before that; close your room's door, turn off your cellphone. Make sure nothing will distract you while reading it, because trust me; Once you get into this story, you don't want to be distracted.
Beautiful Hearts is about a young girl who has a hard life and is struggling with her problems, and when she thinks her life is a complete tragedy and no one is there for her; the young soul of love of her life, her favorite singer who passed away recently. Paul McCartney from The Beatles appears to help her.
We are not sure if she's dreaming, or she's mad. But just like her, we want to believe that it's really Paul McCartney that she's talking to. And yes, we will.
Beautiful Hearts, indeed has a bitter atmosphere and it tends to drag you in this sadness. You will notice it from the beginning, when the girl is complaining about her situation and how everything has fallen apart.
"All of the sudden, everything had fallen apart. It had happened so fast, and somehow it didnt even make sense. And the worst part? Once that tragedy had happened, many more tragedies, of course, had to happen too. Quickly, everything disappeared."
This is how the story starts, and what attracted me about the first lines, wasn't the story. Wasn't the tragic start. It was the way it was said.; Beautifully written, like a poem.
As you go forward, soon you'll learn that you are the main character in the story. There is not a name in it. It says (Your Name) so you can fill it with your name everytime. it might doesn't seem so professional, but it let you identify with the character more.
The story is very promising in the first 3 chapters, everything starts to make sense. And you will get familiar with Paul's character, which wonderfully has been written so much alike him. With all the excellency and also all the flaws.
On the other hand, the romance somehow keeps getting better. The girl is in love with Paul, as she always been. And she believes that Paul is in love with her too although he doesn't say so. She claims that he is trying to protect her by not admitting this love. As we read in chapter 4:
"Maybe he believed it wasn't right for a piece of my mind to fall in love with itself. Maybe he did it for me, so he could protect me and not lure me in further"
This is one of those impossible loves, being in love with a ghost. which the idea might not seem so appealing to some, but with young Paul McCartney as the ghost, with all his charms and attraction, its absolutely fascinating. And the writer have done a good job making it an innocent beautiful love.
In chapter 4 Bleeding Love. The story gets a personality. You'll see that It wasn't a simple fan fiction about how a teenage girl's problems will be solved with her imaginary friend's help... no its more complicated than that.
in the following chapters; 4, 5 and 6. You will cry, you will feel stabbed in the heart. You will even hate Paul McCartney in some points.
Paul leaves the girl for helping a homeless fan named Adelia in Haiti. But they keep meeting in her dreams until the day he promised he'll come back. but he doesn't do his promise when the time comes. In chapter 6, the girl and Paul's last meeting in her dream turns into a fight. And confusingly you can't think who is right or wrong. But one thing for sure, you're so identified with the girl so far that you might shout "you're disgusting Paul... you're horrible..." just like she does.
I say Beautiful Hearts is a very brave story, not only because in the beginning it killed the very alive Paul McCartney in 2013; but also in some parts in the story, it made you hate him. And that is one very courageous thing to do in a romantic fan fiction. That's what makes it so different from others, you actually see that Paul McCartney is not perfect, he is not a hero and he can break your heart and simply say "we all break promises". And being Paul McCartney, he would blame you for everything and "forgive” you after that.
Chapter 7 is more bitter even than the first chapter, we see how this fight changed her and how she became so easy irritated and aggressive. also in chapter 7 there is a point that reality and dream come together; when she gets a phone call from Adelia.
Chapter 8 is, a sudden mood changing. Its happy, some parts doesn't exactly fit in the story, but there's not plenty of them.And John Lennon and George Harrison's appearing is a great surprise that makes up to all that in the chapter. Not to mention its also a really fun chapter.
And the last chapter, chapter 9; The End Of The Beginning
I don't really get the name of the chapter, but apart from that. I have to say, I couldn't think of any better ending for this story. It was just great.
Touching, instructive and different.
Beautiful Hearts has a great varient story that the writer's ability to make it so beautiful into words is what that makes it so admirable and great to read.
If you are a Paul McCartney or a Beatles fan, or even if you're not, I'm sure you loved this story.

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