The Anime Hunger Games Updates

Remember that story I said I'd be writing and posting with a friend of mine on the loveisworthless account? Well, we just decided yesterday that I should just post it on my own instead....

Chapter 1


by: omgbye
Ok so I came up with this idea for an Anime Hunger Games (gonna change the name later) and decided to write it with my friend the Maniac but she said she might not be writing a lot cuz she doesn't know most of the anime we're planning on using (doesn't watch anime much). But she'll still help me with it....

Anyway, we were trying to select the Anime (districts) and the Tributes from each, but we still need to decide on a few things like exactly which anime to pick and which tributes. So here's what we got so far: (randomly selected tributes)

1) Vampire Knight - Senri and Yuki
2) Death Note - Light and that SPK girl
3) Ouran High School Host Club - Nekozawa and Renge
4) Fruits Basket - Shigure and Kagura
5) Angel Beats! - Noda and Yui
6) Fairy Tail - Too many characters but I was thinking maybe Gray and Levi
7) Naruto - again, too many characters...
8) Code Geass - Lelouch and Cornelia
9) Clannad - The annoying blonde dude and Fu-chan (wont let me type her actual name for some reason...)
10) Wallflower - Yukinojo and Sukano
11) FMA - Al and Winry

Districts aren't exactly numbered the same way but just a random list. We'll organize it in the proper way later on so the first districts or whatever can have the Careers. With the very minimum and limited time I have now, I'm not sure when ima post the first chapter...
COMMENT: on what anime and characters you think should be used and whether or not I should just start off the story with the Games or the training...

PS, I only read the first book and watched the movie of Hunger Games, so don't blame me if I screw this up...


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