Harry and Malfoy's sister

Name: Violet Malfoy
Age:same as Harry
Personality:Kind, sweet, generous,Fun loving,smart and friendly
Past:She and Harry are twins.Her parents had to put her in the wizardry orphanage because they didn't have enough money at the time.When they became rich,they tried to find her but she was already adopted by the Malfoys.She has no idea about her past. Despite that she is nothing like a Slitheren,her family loves her.

Chapter 1

Meeting Harry

Draco and Violet were getting their robes fitted in Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions.

Violet's was soon finished.She sat on a chair and waited for her brother.Another boy with black hair and round glasses came in to have his robes fitted.He stood on a stool next to Draco as Madam Malkin put the robes on him and measured him."Hello, Hogwarts too?" said Draco."Yes" the boy said."Are you a pureblood?" asked Draco.

"They wre witch and wizard if that's what you mean." said the boy."I don't think Hogwarts should allow anyone with muggles blood in their veins, do you" asked Draco."mh" said the boy."Honestly, brother I don't see why you have too be so rude" said Violet."Come on sis, I was only asking." said Draco.He turned back to the boy."Do you know what house you'll be in?" he asked."No" said the boy.

"I hope to make Slitherin.It'd be a shame to be in Hufflepuff." said Draco.Violet slapped her brother on the back."Ow, I am just saying." said Draco."You can be a pest sometimes." said Violet.The boy was soon finished and left.Soon Draco Violet's mom and dad came to pick them up.The next day the two sibling were on the train to Hogwarts.Violet looked for a seat while Draco talked with his friends Crabbe and Goyle.
She spotted the boy from the robes shop."hello, I haven't introduced myself" she said."I am Violet Malfoy.My brother is Draco Malfoy.".The boy shook her hand."I am Harry Potter" he said.Suddenly the two felt a bound between each other."Hey, Harry,your chocolate frog is escaping." said a red-headed boy.Violet quickly caught the hopping candy befoe it escaped."Thanks, I am Ron Weasly by the way" said the red head as Violet handed the frog back to Harry.Suddenly

Draco came in with his friends."so you're the famous Harry Potter." he said"I'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy."
Ron sniggered."Think my name's funny do you?" asked Malfoy as he glared at Ron.I don't need to ask you name, I can tell you are a part of the poor Weasly family."
"Malfoy, I am warning you." said Violet.

"Ok Violet.I'm going, I'm going" said Malfoy.He left.Violet sat next to Harry."You seem nothing like your brother." said Ron.

"I know, a lot of people tell me that." said Violet.

Soon they reached Hogwarts.They entered the castle and one by one each first year got sorted by wearing a hat that told then their houses.Harry, Ron and Violet were in Griffindore.Malfoy and his friend were in Sltherin.After dinner each house were shown to thier domotory.The Giffindores were taken to a portrat of a fat lady."password" she said.Percy, the prefect said " Caput Dranonis." and the picture opened reviling a large room.The boy were placed in on room, the girls in the other.They opened the doors to thier rooms and went to sleep.

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