Snow Hare (For Misanime101's Contest)

Snow Hare (For Misanime101's Contest)

A story about Chibi Russia & his friend, a Snow Hare.
Ukraine is older than Russia, while he is older than Belarus, who is like a baby in this story!
((The picture I drew for the story, da! ^^))

Hopefully, this is as sad as possible for you, Miss Hungary!

Chapter 1

Brave Hare

The blizzard howled & threw the snowflakes into a frenzied dance between the dark, ice-blue trees of the forest. Some flakes drifted aimlessly to the white floor outside, while others swirled in the wind. Chibi Russia smiled as a single flake stuck to the window so he could see it's brilliance.
Chibi Russia liked the snow, but not the cold that came with it. He liked watching the blizzard from inside his warm home, with the company of his sisters, Ukraine & Belarus, who were together on the couch. Belarus was fats asleep on Ukraine's lap while she was looking at animal pictures.
As he watched, Russia noticed a peculiar creature playing in the snow under the trees.

"Ukraine, what is that, da?"
She looked up from her book. "I cannot see it, Russia."
"It's bery big & has funny horns!" he put his hands on his head. "Like this!"
She giggled. "That's a hare, Russia, they love the snow!"

He nodded & turned his attention back to the hare, playing & bounding in the snow. He admired the little hare's courage to play in such coldness, which warmed his heart a bit more.

"I think we should go to bed now, Russia" Ukraine smiled at him, cradling Belarus. "So you can play tomorrow!"
"I want to play in the shnow with hare!"
"After you sleep!"

Russia nodded excitedly, drew a picture on the forsty window & raced to bed with his sisters. Tomorrow...I will be brave like Hare!

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