High School Drama, A Group Story.

Hi , This Is A Work In Progress , It Might Not Be That Good But... Here We Go!

Chapter 1

Jane's Point Of View!

I Burst My Way Through The School Doors. This Year Would Be Perfect. My Heeled Shoes Clipped Against The Polished Floors, My Blond Hair Freshly Washed, Bouncing Around My Shoulders. I Made My Way To Class, Stupid Damn Maths. UGH. I Flipped My Hair Over My Shoulders, Pushed The Wooden Door And Entered The Classroom. That Familiar Musty Smell Entered My Senses. School. I Hate School. So Then Some Teacher Started Droning On About Long Division. Who Gives A Fvck About Long Devision? I Looked Around The Classroom And Saw A Girl Who Stood Out From The Crowd Of Students Pushing Their Way To Grab Better Seats While The Teacher Had His Back Turned. She Had Blond And Brown Hair That Fell Perfectly Around Her Head, Curving Around Her Face Angelically. She Had One Green Eye...And One PURPLE EYE!? "Holy Crap" I Murmured. Blah Blah Blah , The Teacher Droned On And ON. Blah Blah Blah-DING. Finally, End Of Stupid Crappy Maths. I Filed Out Into The Hallway , And Bumped Into That Wierd Eyed Girl. I Glared Visciously At Her. " Watch Where Your Going" I Snapped At Her. I Shoved Her Hard Before Turning Away And Walking Off.

TBC. You Like?

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