The Hidden Stone!!

The beginning of my pain was from the day I was born. .I always felt like an outcast amongst my older brothers. .They didn't want me. .They didn't want another child occupying mum's attention. .I came too late. .Really, my parents had decided not to have another child but it wasn't my fault I was formed. .My brothers hated me and when I told mum she'd say I shouldn't worry and pet me. .But it wasn't enough, I wanted my brothers to love me. .I loved them. .I was ready to do anything to gain it. .

Chapter 1

The Beginning!!. .

by: Weirrddo
My brothers and I owned a small indie rockband for few months. .We had not been really discovered then. .We used to just play at small birthday parties and all. .See, I was the one who thought of it and brought myself into a mess. . I realised how much my three brothers loved rock music. .They had a serious passion for it so I suggested we made a band. .They didn't agree at first because they didn't have a drummer and it seemed like a stupid idea. .So since I was a good drummer, I volunteered and assured them it was a good idea. .They looked at me for a moment silently, and then burst out in laughter. ."You?-", Jack, my immediate older brother said,"-and you think we'd let you?", he continued and I frowned, "Why not?. .I'm good at drumming, you rock at the guitar, Ben is good at singing and Sheldon plays the keyboard well. .We could totally do this-", "Hey-", Sheldon, the first born of the family interrupted, "-don't say we. .You are not part of us". .I kept quiet. .Trying to swallow the pain of rejection. .There was no need to cry. .If the plan could pull of, I could make my brothers famous rockstars and they'd have me to thank in the end. .So I got back on track, "Fine, you guys. .If you guys agree to this offer, I could get you to play at our seniors' prom. .A lotta producers and high ranked people come there to check out young talents", I said. . "What if no one recognises us?", Jack asked. .Then I shivered a little. .What was I ganna say next?. .They needed guarantee. ."They will", I said. .I wasn't sure but I was ganna find a way. .Then Ben got up, "Sure guys,-", he looked at my brothers,"-we can do this. .It's actually a fun idea". .My brothers nodded in agreement then I nodded also smiling until Sheldon ye'lled, "you don't nod when we nod, and wipe that stupid smile off your face". .I quickly stoped and then sighed. . "Who's ganna write the songs?. .Cause I don't write, I just sing", Ben pointed out. ."Oh, I can write", I said and Sheldon arched an eye, "we aren't talking about those stupid songs you write for you dream crush". .I frowned, "I don't do that", I protested. .Jack hit my head and then said, "you're a loser. .Losers always do that". .I just looked at him. .What could I do?. .They were all bigger than me. .All I could do was curse him in my head. .I dared not say it out loud. . "So what now?", Ben asked, looking at me. . "Well, I'll see if we- I mean, you guys and I could play at the prom and I'll get back to you guys. .", I said. ."It had better happen. .If you come back to say it's impossible, we'll pound you", Sheldon reminded me. . I gulped and nodded fast, jittery. .Sheldon meant what he said when he said he'd pound me. . "Now get out", Jack said and I ran out immediately closin' the door. . I ran into my room and locked the door. .'Oh, the things I'd do to get my brothers to like me', I thought. .I was super scared. .I wasn't sure what I had just done but I took the risk anyway. .I needed to make sure I got my brothers to sing at my seniors' prom and make sure they got discovered by someone. .Then I thought again and started hitting myself. .What had I done?. .If I didn't do it I was toast. .My brothers were beyond mean when it came to me but they were super nice to everyone else. .I sighed. .I just needed some kind of miracle to happen. . That was how I started the band and also got myself in a huge mess at thesame time. .

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