my most important poems ever!!

my most important poems ever!!

the ppl in these poems ive met, known, been friends with, or reated to... so please be respectful

Chapter 1

Did you here?

she can't keep up as others play
toilet filled with puke
hair coming out in soft blonde baby-fine clumps
she sees with the eyes of a 100 year old woman
in a body that's been here for just 8 years
different machines and tubes hooked into her body
cant go anywhere without a wheelchair
her name was samantha
and now shes stiff in soil
hes always being bullied by everyone
he cuts himself to get rid of the pain
no one understands him
the kids tease and discriminate him
Facebook, Myspace, twitter they are all the same
rope he finds in his basement
he thinks "there's nothing more in life.."
hands are blistered from noosing
his pale skin even paler by the thought of what hes gonna do
crystal blue eyes go back to computer one last time
jumps off chair and hangs there
his name was Mathew
and now hes stiff in soil
filled with dread and terror
she looks at the small defenseless body
its crying and screaming
she runs a bath
her frail skinny pale fingers wont stop shaking
the water starts steaming
the crying grows louder
the crying stops
emerged into the water
the woman smiles
the tiny childs name was sarah
and now shes stiff in soil
panic flooding threw my body
the hard cold wall against my back
father has death in his dark brown eyes
my heart is beating so fast
my face started to sting
he was so powerful
i heard a ringing in my ear
something shiny glistens in the light
sharp pain in my stomick
red liquid starts out like thick tears
my name is des
and im still alive


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